information As of October 27, 2020 automated review collection, private surveys and the ability to customize review collection email templates are no longer included in the Review Express offering, but are available with Reputation Pro – a new premium solution to help you make an impact on your online reputation.


About Tripadvisor Review Express & Email Permissions

Answers to frequently asked questions about Review Express and email permissions.
Review Express is a free and easy way to collect feedback from guests. It allows you to send professional-looking review reminder emails to guests, after their stay. Let’s cover some frequently asked questions regarding email permissions and Tripadvisor Review Express.

How do email permissions work?

Prior to uploading guests’ email addresses to Review Express, you must have permission to pass their details to Tripadvisor to facilitate review collection — typically this is included in a data collection statement. You must also maintain a record of their consent.

What happens if a guest questions the email?

In accordance with data privacy laws, if a guest questions the review request email from Tripadvisor, we’ll refer them back to you to confirm their consent. You’ll need to be able to show that the guests consented to receive communications from Tripadvisor.

Does Tripadvisor use my guests’ email addresses for other purposes?

No. Tripadvisor recognizes the value and importance in protecting your guests’ information. Email addresses submitted for Review Express are not used for any other purpose and are stored securely. If a traveler chooses to write a review, they will be required to create a Tripadvisor member account (if they aren’t already a member). At that time, they will have the option to opt into our marketing emails, and, if so, will receive general Tripadvisor email campaigns.

Sign up for Review Express

Sign up for Review Express

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