Tripadvisor Menu Connect: The Complete Setup Guide

Want to save time, reach customers, and fill more tables? Read on to learn more about how Menu Connect can help you get discovered by diners where they are searching the most.

Reaching potential customers has always been a top priority for restauranteurs, but it’s more imperative now than ever before. For hungry diners searching for their next meal, having access to an up-to-date menu is key to their decision. In fact, 93% of consumers check menus online before they choose a restaurant.1

Diners use countless websites to search and discover new restaurants, but being able to accurately maintain your menu and business details across all of them can be tedious and time consuming. That’s why we’ve developed Menu Connect — to help you easily manage your menu and important business information all in one place and automatically update it for you across the web. To learn more about how you take advantage of everything Menu Connect has to offer, click here.

Already signed up? Read on for more information about how to get started and set your business up for success with Menu Connect.

Step 1: Confirm your business details

Right after purchase, you’ll be asked to confirm basic details about your business including your restaurant name, address and phone number. If you need to make any changes, simply click into the textbox to edit the information directly. It’s important to make sure these details are accurate as we use them to find your business on other platforms and ensure all your information is updated everywhere diners search.

Pro Tip: You can update your business details at any time. Simply log into your Management Center and select the "Edit" button in the Business Details section located right under your restaurant name and bubble rating.

Step 2: Upload your menu

Your menu is what entices potential diners to choose your restaurant — so it’s crucial that you keep it up to date. To upload your menu, you can either drag and drop a file or enter a URL to your menu online.

Pro Tip: You can take a photo of your menu with your mobile device and upload it directly to your page.

Have multiple menus? No problem! You can add as many menus as you’d like and you can even add a menu name like "Brunch Menu" or "Holiday Special" to each file you upload to keep everything organized. There’s also an option to add special instructions about your menu to help ensure it’s presented exactly how you want it.

Pro Tip: Update your menu whenever it changes so you can capture potential customers looking for specific menu items.

Step 3: Connect to additional menu publishers (Optional)

We understand that managing all of your information across the internet can be difficult and time consuming. With Menu Connect, you can link other business accounts you manage so that you only have to update your information in one place — we’ll handle the rest for you!

Connect to Google My Business

Connecting your Google My Business (GMB) account is easy. When you purchase Menu Connect, you have the option to link your GMB account right after you upload your menu, but you can also add your account at a later date by following the steps below:

  1. After logging into your Management Center, hover over the "Manage Listing" tab in the top navigation bar and select "Menu".
  2. Under the "Menu Publishers" section, click "Connect" next to the Google logo.
  3. Select the "Allow" button to grant Tripadvisor access to your GMB account and complete the connection. If we find more than one account similar to your Tripadvisor listing, simply select the one you’d like to connect.

Pro Tip: If you don’t currently have a Google My Business account, you can easily create one within the onboarding flow or from the Menu page in the Management Center.

And that’s it — your setup is complete! It can take a few days for us to process your menu or updates and distribute them across the web. For estimated processing times by publisher, please reference the below grid. You can always track our progress in the "Menu Publishers" section on the Menu page. And remember, you can edit your information at any time in your Management Center!

Publisher name Menu processing estimate Menu update estimate
Tripadvisor 1-2 days 1 day
SinglePage Same day Same day
Google Feed 7-10 days Same day
Google My Business (requires connection) 1 day (after connection) 1 day
Yahoo 7-10 days 1 day
Bing 3-5 weeks 1 day
Yelp Same day Same day
Yellowpages Same day 1 day
Foursquare 1 day 1 day
Facebook (requires connection) Same day (after connection) Immediate

If you need additional help setting up Menu Connect , simply submit your questions via Owner Support.

Get started with Menu Connect

1. OpenTable Survey

Get started with Menu Connect

Last Updated: 2 November 2020

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