How to Make the Best First Impression with Your Photos on Tripadvisor

Photos give diners a sneak peek into what it’s like to visit your restaurant. When you upload photos, you’ll need to think about the subject, caption, and more. Here’s how to make the best first impression with your photos on Tripadvisor.

Diners Shop With Their Eyes — Make Sure You Stand Out

You already know photos are a great way to entice potential customers to try your restaurant. On Tripadvisor, restaurants with more than ten photos see double the amount of diner interaction over others with no photos at all. With the restaurant industry becoming more and more competitive, here’s how to make sure you catch diners’ attention with your Tripadvisor photos:

Don’t Be Afraid to Get Started

You don’t have to hire a professional photographer if that’s not in your budget — you can take great high-quality phones with a smartphone and a little photography know-how. Once you’ve claimed your free listing, you can upload as many photos as you’d like, so you can capture your restaurant from every possible angle.

Your uploaded photos appear in chronological order alongside Traveler Photos in the photo carousel at the top of your listing and in search results for restaurants like yours. You can choose a Primary Photo which appears first. Tripadvisor Premium subscribers can choose the order of how their photos appear in the carousel and in search results.

Show Off More Than Your Cuisine

Start with what you know — your cuisine! That’s the most important (and exciting!) reason for customers to come to your restaurant. You’ll want to showcase a mixture of what’s on your menu, even if it changes seasonally. Check out our tips for fantastic food photography here.

While it’s important to show potential customers your signature menu items, they also want to know the full experience of what it’s like to dine with you. Think about what else makes your restaurant special — your friendly bartenders, live music, or exciting location.

While perfectly curated photos of your restaurant look nice, your potential customers know they’re not the same as being there in the restaurant. Don’t be afraid to snap a few pictures of your diners — especially your regulars — enjoying their meal. Or, train your servers to ask their tables to upload photos when they leave their review.

Make a Great First Impression with Your Primary Photo

Your Primary Photo appears as the first photo on your listing page and the main icon when diners search for restaurants like yours on Tripadvisor. Food is the most popular choice for Primary Photos on Tripadvisor — about 55% of all restaurant Primary Photos are of food — and they tend to see a 5.27% click-through-rate from search.*

But if you want to attract the most diners, it’s exterior restaurant shots that perform the best with a 5.59% click-through-rate.* Show off your prime location by focusing on your inviting doorway, awnings, or patio dining. Learn more about how to choose a great Primary Photo here.

Add Context with Captions

Just like on Instagram or Facebook, captions matter on Tripadvisor. Is it a picture of your most popular dish? Say so! Use them to add context about what it’s like to visit your restaurant, specials, or features from your staff.

Add captions for new photos by going to “Photos” under the “Manage Listing” tab and clicking the blue “Add More Photos” button in the top right. Once you choose your photo from your computer, enter your caption in the “Photo description” box. Then click “Upload.”

Add captions for existing photos by going to “Photos” under the “Manage Listing” tab and clicking on a given Management Photo. In the “Photo description” box, add your caption and click “Save Changes.” You can add any captions you like to Management Photos, but you won’t be able to adjust the captions on a Traveler Photo.

Feature Your Favorite Photos with Tripadvisor Premium

Tripadvisor Premium subscribers have access to additional tools to help them customize and enhance their page. With Tripadvisor Premium, you can:

  • Create a Storyboard, a dynamic visual slideshow using photos and snippets from your reviews, that plays when diners land on your page
  • Curate a scrollable album of your favorite ten Featured Photos that appear in search results and first in the photos area at the top of your page
  • Access other exclusive features like Top 3 Reasons and pin a Favorite Review at the top of the reviews section

Learn more about Tripadvisor Premium here.

Upgrade to Premium to unlock exclusive photo tools

Upgrade to Premium to unlock exclusive photo tools

Last Updated: 6 February 2020
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