Storyboard: Tell Your Story, Your Way

Combine your best photos and top reviews into a promotional preview that engages customers.

Every month, over 455 million people visit Tripadvisor to plan and book their perfect trip.1 From finding the best places to stay, to discovering local restaurants when they get there – travelers use Tripadvisor at all stages of their trip.

As a Tripadvisor Premium for Restaurants subscriber, you have a suite of marketing tools at your fingertips to help you make a great first impression on potential customers. One of these is Storyboard, which transforms your static photos and reviews into a high-quality promotional preview of your property. Our Storyboard builder is easy to use and will guide you along the way. Simply choose your best photos, review snippets, and tags, and we’ll do the rest for you.

Get more customers to choose you by telling your story and putting yourself a step ahead of the competition. Ready to begin?

Setting Up Your Storyboard

In order to publish your Storyboard, you must have an active Tripadvisor subscription. Subscribe to Tripadvisor Premium for Restaurants here:

Getting Started:

Once you’ve subscribed, log into your Management Center at and select your business from the drop-down menu. Under the “Manage Listing” menu, select “Create Storyboard.”

Storyboard is easy to create! Each one is made up of ten frames that you can populate with photos, review snippets or tags from your page. Navigate between frames to configure them – we’ll even suggest the content for you. Once you’ve finished editing a frame, click “Next” and your changes will save automatically. For a full frame-by-frame guide, click here.

Selecting photos:

To select, or change, a photo in the frame click “Update Photo.” A photo gallery will then appear below. Use this gallery to select the photo you’d like to use. If you don’t see a photo you like, you can always add additional photos through the “Manage Photos” tool on the left.

Selecting review snippets:

After you’ve selected your photo, you may choose a review snippet. A review snippet is a short excerpt from a traveler’s review of your property. These highlights are automatically generated based on a universal set of criteria. To select a snippet, click the “Update Review Snippet” button and then choose one from the gallery below. Once selected, you will see a preview in the frame above.

Selecting tags:

Tags are summary keywords that appear repeatedly in reviews from different guests or diners. Choose tags that highlight a reason why customers love your business. To select a tag, click the “Update Tag” button and then choose from the tags below. Once selected you will see a preview in the frame above.

Adding review snippets and tags in multiple languages:

If your business has reviews in multiple languages use the drop-down menu to see what languages are available. Once you select a language, all snippets or tags available in that language will be displayed. Be sure to choose options for each of these languages, for each frame, or your Storyboard will be incomplete and not visible in that language. The completion status of each is indicated by color:

  • Languages in black have not been started.
  • Language in green indicates that all snippets or tags have been selected for that language.
  • Languages in orange have been selected in a previous frame but are missing from the current frame.

Note: For restaurants, users will instead see a Storyboard in another completed language.

Publishing your Storyboard:

The final frame is where you have the opportunity to publish your completed Storyboard. Here you will also see which languages are complete, as well as which languages you began but did not complete. To see which frames are incomplete, look for orange dots in the setup carousel and update the frames with additional selections as needed.

Once you’ve completed all frames and are ready to publish, click “Publish Now.” Only completed languages will be published, all other incomplete languages will be saved as a draft until they’re complete. Please note that it can take up to 24 hours for your updates to appear on your live Storyboard. If you’re not yet ready to publish your Storyboard, you can always leave and come back to publish it at another time. All changes will be saved in the Storyboard editor.

  • 1. Tripadvisor log files, average monthly unique visitors, Q3 2017

Set Up Your Storyboard

Set Up Your Storyboard

Last Updated: 26 December 2017
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