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Learn how Tripadvisor Premium can enhance your listing page — and help you turn more browsers into customers.

Optimize Your Listing

How to Choose Your Featured Photos

How to Choose Your Featured Photos Available for Tripadvisor Premium subscribers, Featured Photos allows you to customize your listing and your search results to showcase the best of your restaurant....

Getting Started with Tripadvisor Restaurants

Getting Started with Tripadvisor Restaurants New to Tripadvisor? This getting started guide will walk you through everything you need to know to get up and running in no time at all....

Introducing Tripadvisor Premium for Restaurants

Introducing Tripadvisor Premium for Restaurants Tripadvisor Premium for Restaurants gives businesses the competitive advantage they need with exclusive access to powerful, subscriber-only tools....

Spotlight Your Favorite Reviews

Spotlight Your Favorite Reviews Step-by-step guide to highlighting your favorite reviews to Tripadvisor users.

Inspire travelers by showcasing a favorite recent review in the "Reviews" section of your restaurant listing. Favorite Reviews give you a chance to tell your story through an amazing experience from one of your customers. Select a review that truly depicts your business and pin it in prime viewing position for those visiting your Tripadvisor listing.

Where will my chosen review appear on Tripadvisor?

The review you select will appear directly after the most recent review on your Tripadvisor listing. Choose one in each available language to ensure that more travelers from around the world see your favorite reviews. 

Set up Favorite Reviews in two easy steps:

It takes just a minute to showcase a favorite review to diners worldwide – and to give browsers even more reason to book your restaurant.

To set up your Favorite Review, Restaurants with Tripadvisor Premium can:

  • Visit the Management Center and select "Select Favorite Review" from the "Reviews" tab at the top of the page.

Step 1: Choose a review

The first step is to choose the review you want to highlight. All eligible reviews* will automatically appear on this page. You can use our built-in filter options like bubble rating, keyword, and more to make it easier to find the one you want to feature.

You can also select reviews in multiple languages that will appear to customers around the world. To take advantage of this, simply select a language from the drop-down list, and you'll see a new selection of eligible reviews in that language. Only languages that contain an eligible review for your business will be visible.

*Eligible reviews are less than a year old and have at least three bubbles. You'll only be able to select a Favorite Review that meets those criteria.

Choose Your Favorite Review

When choosing your Favorite Review...

  • Keep it current. 78% of respondents to a recent survey said they prioritized recent reviews to get the freshest perspective on a given location. Make sure that the review you select is recent – the fresher the review the better.
  • Has the review received any helpful votes? If so, that means people found the information beneficial when they were looking at your listing. This type of helpful content could appeal to even more browsers and may be worth highlighting. 
  • Does the review highlight something unique about your property? Do you have a unique menu, an outdoor dining space, or incredible staff that people boast about? These are all important factors that potential diners consider when making a decision. Draw attention to what makes you special.
  • Provide insight for potential guests. For example: If your restaurant is known for your farm-to-table cuisine, highlight a review that calls out your most-loved vegetarian dishes. 
  • Think about seasonality and timing. If it’s winter where you are, instead of spotlighting a review talking about your outdoor patio and bar, you might instead choose a review focusing on your cozy fireplace. Also think about celebrations and holidays. If it’s Valentine’s Day, you might consider choosing a review that appeals to couples. 

For more tips on how to choose your Favorite Review, click here.

Step 2: Publish your Favorite Review

Then, click "Publish." Your Favorite Review will appear within 24 hours of being published. Follow the same steps above to select a review in additional languages or to swap out older featured reviews for new ones.

Keep in mind: Once a Favorite Review becomes more than a year old, it will no longer appear at the top of your listing. Make sure your reviews are up-to-date by visiting the Favorite Review page in the Management Center regularly.

Tripadvisor Premium offers more than just Favorite Reviews. Learn more about how to customize your page with Storyboard, Featured Photos, Top 3 Reasons to Eat Here and more.

Last Updated: 14 February 2020

3 Easy Ways to Get the Most Out of Tripadvisor Premium

3 Easy Ways to Get the Most Out of Tripadvisor Premium So you’ve signed up for Tripadvisor Premium — now what? Here’s the first three steps you should take to make the most out of your new subscription.

Welcome to Tripadvisor Premium

Tripadvisor Premium is your chance to stand out from the crowd. You now have access to exclusive features to enhance your listing and show off your brand. Here’s what a listing with Premium-enhanced features looks like:

Note: To make some of these updates, you’ll need to be logged into the Management Center on your desktop computer.

Step 1: Choose Your Favorite Review

Choose a Favorite Review from any reviews you’ve received in the last year. Of course you’ll want to choose a positive review that captures everything diners love about your restaurant. You’ll also be able to choose Favorite Reviews in multiple languages if you have travelers from around the world leaving reviews. Stumped on which one to choose? Here’s our handy guide.

To choose your Favorite Review, head to the “Reviews” tab in the Management Center and click “Select Favorite Review.”

Step 2: Showcase the Top 3 Reasons to Eat at Your Restaurant

Tell diners what sets your restaurant apart from the competition by choosing three aspects of your restaurant to highlight using photos and review snippets from your guests. Your Top 3 Reasons appear in between the Overview section and your Reviews section, showcasing your cuisine, ambiance, and any other special things you’re known for, like events or live music. If you’re not sure what to feature, read our full guide here.

To choose your Top 3 Reasons, head to the “Manage Listing” tab in the Management Center and click “Select Top 3 Reasons.”

Step 3: Customize Your Storyboard


How This Travelers' Choice Winner Increased Sales By 20%

How This Travelers' Choice Winner Increased Sales By 20%

Makars Gourmet Mash Bar, named the UK’s #1 everyday dining restaurant in the 2018 Travelers’ Choice Awards, increased their sales by 20% by climbing the Tripadvisor rankings. Here’s how they focused on customer experience and feedback to get the most out of Tripadvisor.

Welcome to Makars Gourmet Mash Bar, Scotland

Over the last four years, John Stamp has built a thriving business at Makars Gourmet Mash Bar in Edinburgh, serving traditional Scottish fare like granny used to make. “After running a software company for 26 years, I began looking for a new challenge,” says Stamp. “I had never been in the hospitality industry before, but saw a beautiful restaurant for sale near Edinburgh’s famous Mound and decided to go for it — from there the first Makars Gourmet Mash Bar was born.”

It’s fair to say that he’s earned his stripes as a successful restaurateur. Stamp opened a second restaurant in the city’s west end in 2018 and in December 2018, Makars Gourmet Mash Bar was named the UK’s #1 everyday dining restaurant in the Tripadvisor Travelers’ Choice Awards for Restaurants.

The Challenge: Rising From The Bottom

It wasn’t so easy at the beginning. “I really was a novice,” says Stamp. “The first two years were, looking back, poor. [But] bit by bit I built a strong team and product.” The restaurant started, literally, at the bottom: They were ranked #495 in the city.

Edinburgh is a vibrant city packed with new restaurants, making it a highly competitive market for any restaurateur. It’s tough to stand out from the crowd, especially near tourist attractions like Edinburgh’s famous Mound neighborhood.

That’s where Tripadvisor comes in. “Tripadvisor started to play a pivotal role in attracting guests,” says Stamp. “Our Tripadvisor page has been such an essential asset to help us stand out from the crowd, ensuring we are able to generate bookings all year round.”

How They Use Tripadvisor

To climb up the rankings, Stamp and his team started using Tripadvisor to their advantage. “We started making a conscious effort to engage with Tripadvisor, such as putting signs up around the restaurant and reminding customers to leave a review when paying their bill,” says Stamp.

Rising in the rankings meant really listening to all of their feedback from reviews. Says Stamp, “Tripadvisor is one of these tools that does not sugarcoat mistakes, average food, or poor service. Yes, negative reviews are incredibly hurtful, [but] it takes a long time to learn to take bad reviews in context and accept not all [of your restaurant ideas] work.”

Stamp committed to sitting down once a week and responding to the reviews he received, as well as incorporating the feedback into his daily operations. “The tools are there to respond fairly,” says Stamp, “we are an independent restaurant and our unique selling proposition is that we can look at feedback and change quickly.”

Investing the time in Tripadvisor paid off. “We signed up to Premium for Restaurants in late 2016 and have found the tools it offers extremely valuable,” says Stamp. In particular, they love using the Favorite Review feature, which allows restaurant owners to pin their favorite recent review at the top of their Reviews section. “[We use it] to highlight to potential customers a great experience had by an existing customer, [but also] as a way to make the reviewer feel special [with] a prime position on our page.”



How This Restaurant Group Increased Booking Interest with Tripadvisor

How This Restaurant Group Increased Booking Interest with Tripadvisor Bodean’s, a small chain of barbecue restaurants in London, uses Tripadvisor as a crucial part of their online footprint. Here’s how they use Tripadvisor to increase their bookings.

Welcome to Bodean’s BBQ, London

When you think of spare ribs, pulled pork, and chicken wings, you’re probably thinking of Texas, not London. But Bodean’s BBQ has found their niche for Britons craving a taste of the American South.

With seven locations around the city, there’s plenty of opportunity to stop in for a pint or two. Bodean’s lets you kick back, relax, and enjoy good food and good company in a lively atmosphere. The restaurant has thousands of reviews and averages 4 / 5 bubbles depending on the location.

The Challenge: Optimize Online Presence

With seven locations, it’s a real challenge to coordinate operations and keep everything consistent, especially when it comes to marketing. In a competitive market like London, Bodean’s makes it a priority to optimize every aspect of their online presence, from their mobile-friendly website to review sites like Tripadvisor.

Says Marketing Manager Chris Huston, “I took control of our Tripadvisor [listing] with the aim of optimizing our profiles to showcase our menu items and general atmosphere of branches.”

That’s easy to do with Tripadvisor Premium.

How They Use Tripadvisor

“[Tripadvisor Premium] has created a much more appealing profile,” says Huston.

The Bodean’s team started with Storyboard, which allows them to create an eye-catching first impression with dynamic on-page content. “A significant portion of our visitors now see our chosen images through Storyboard, which we update with timely promotional imagery, giving more awareness of our upcoming events and promotions,” says Huston.

Then, Huston customizes the Top 3 Reasons for each location to customize what makes that specific restaurant special. Says Huston, “[It’s] another useful way to highlight location-specific details as well as group features to attract our target demographic.”

The Results

“I have found Tripadvisor to be a crucial part of our online footprint and the features available give us the ability to put our very best foot forward.”...

How to Choose Your Favorite Review

How to Choose Your Favorite Review Available for Tripadvisor Premium subscribers, the Favorite Review feature allows you to spotlight what makes your restaurant special.

As a restaurant owner, you are best-equipped to tell diners what sets your restaurant apart. For Tripadvisor Premium subscribers, we’ve made it easy to highlight a review of your choice with Favorite Review.

Once you select your Favorite Review, it will appear in the second position of the Reviews section of your profile. In this way, you can control which review potential diners see first.

But since you only can choose one, how do you choose which review to feature?

Which Reviews Are Eligible for Favorite Review?

When you use the Favorite Review selection tool, you might notice some reviews are missing. This is because not every review is eligible to be a Favorite Review. To be eligible for a Favorite Review, the review must be less than a year old and have at least three bubbles. That way, you’re showcasing current opinions of the best you have to offer.

How to Choose Your Favorite Review

When you’re selecting your Favorite Review, keep these things in mind:

Choose a Positive Review

This might seem obvious, but you should choose from your highest bubble ratings — you can filter when searching within the tool — so that you’re only surfacing the very best of what your diners have to say. This is your chance to influence the conversation about your restaurant, so make it a positive interaction.

Choose an Enthusiastic Review

Your Favorite Review should have potential diners saying to themselves, “I have to go there!” You should find not only a positive review in terms of bubble rating, but also in how they describe your restaurant. Look for exclamation points and words like “great,” “amazing,” “terrific,” “fantastic,” and other positive terms that go beyond “good.”


5 Free Ways to Reach More Diners on Tripadvisor

5 Free Ways to Reach More Diners on Tripadvisor Getting started on Tripadvisor? Here’s our checklist on what to do to reach more diners. To make it even easier, you can download and print a copy for reference — just click one of the orange "Download Now" buttons.

Claim Your Business

To manage your Tripadvisor listing — and use it to start influencing the choices of potential customers — claim it for free at tripadvisor.com/Owners.

Get the Details Just Right

Visit the Management Center and update key details like your hours of operation, map pin location, cuisines, amenities, and pricing.

Set the Scene

Upload photos in the Media Suite. Be sure to choose a compelling Primary Photo — this is the first image of your restaurant that potential customers will see.

Ask for Feedback

Tripadvisor encourages restaurateurs to ask all customers to write reviews. Check out the “Marketing Tools” menu for resources that make review collection simple.

Last Updated: 6 December 2018

How Restaurants Can Use Tripadvisor to Outsmart Competitors

How Restaurants Can Use Tripadvisor to Outsmart Competitors Learn how you’re doing against your competitors. Get started using the Competitor Dashboard, part of Tripadvisor Premium, with these tips.

The restaurant industry is more competitive than ever. With the global restaurant market reaching $1.6 trillion USD in 2018, getting an edge over the competition can make or break your restaurant’s performance.

You might already be checking your quick metrics on your Management Center Homepage and your Performance Dashboard, but today we’ll walk you through exactly how to use your Competitor Dashboard to outsmart your competitors.

With Tripadvisor Premium's Competitor Dashboard, you can see at-a-glance how a set of competitors’ listings are performing on Tripadvisor compared to your own so you’ll know where you stand.

Getting Started with the Competitor Dashboard

Once you’ve purchased Tripadvisor Premium, you can find the dashboard by logging in to your Management Center and choosing “Competitor Set” under the “Performance” tab. If you want to learn more about the full Performance Dashboard, click here.

To start analyzing your competitors, you’ll need to create a Competitor Set. Choose two to five other restaurants to see how you compare by searching in the search box for your known competitors. You can also see suggestions below the box in blue, which is generated based on what restaurant listings diners tend to visit when they also visit your restaurant listing.

Once you’ve chosen your competitors, click the orange “Save” button in the bottom right hand corner of your screen. You can add up to ten competitors to your dashboard.

Once you’ve chosen a set, your screen will automatically take you back to the Performance Dashboard. Return to the Competitor Dashboard by choosing “Competitor Details” at the top of the page underneath the title “Performance Dashboard.”...

How Miramar Brings In Over 150 Diners Per Night With Tripadvisor

How Miramar Brings In Over 150 Diners Per Night With Tripadvisor Restaurant Miramar, a seaside restaurant in Mallorca, Spain, sees more than 150 diners per night during the summer season. Here’s how they use Tripadvisor Ads and Tripadvisor Premium to build their brand and keep their restaurant busy all year long.

Welcome to Restaurant Miramar, Mallorca

Nestled under a grove of palm trees, this seaside restaurant boasts more than great food. If you dine at Restaurant Miramar, you’ll find yourself sipping wine while watching the sun set slowly over Port D’Alcudia.

Located on the Paseo Marítimo, Restaurant Miramar serves tasty and authentic Mediterranean cuisine to locals and travelers from around the world. And they’ve been doing it as a family since 1871.

The restaurant has more than 600 reviews, an average bubble rating of 4.5/5 and a Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence. In high season, the business has 30 employees who deliver an impeccable dinner service to over 150 diners each night. The rest of the year, the restaurant focuses on lunch service and weekend meals.

The Challenge: Standing Out in the Crowd

Mallorca is one of the most popular summer destinations in Europe — not just for travelers from other countries, but for Spanish tourists, too. “Our biggest challenge is to make our restaurant known [to locals and to tourists], and to know the characteristics that differentiate us from the other establishments around,” says Jaime Solé, Miramar’s General Manager. “We are looking to stand out in Alcudia by offering high-quality food and the best service to our customers.”

But with hundreds of restaurants for diners to choose from, how do they do it?

Miramar focuses on their brand to set them apart. “To reach this goal, we are committed [to using] Tripadvisor and TheFork daily. We have been [using] these two portals for the last three years.”

How They Use Tripadvisor

“We made an important effort to publicize our restaurant," says Solé. "We have enabled online reservations and we highlight the reviews that we think are most interesting, which we can easily do with the tools provided by Tripadvisor Premium and Ads packages.”

Tripadvisor Premium helps Miramar manage their brand and put their best foot forward. Storyboard gives them the opportunity to make a great first impression with potential customers visiting their Tripadvisor listing. “The image carousel is very interesting and visual,” says Jaime Solé. “The ability to highlight [our Favorite Review] is a tool that has helped us showcase great diner feedback. We can choose a review that truly reflects our food offerings and our service.”

Tripadvisor Ads serves as a great compliment to their listing, enabling Miramar to attract diners from around the world. “Tripadvisor Ads have allowed us to be in a prominent position,” confirms Solé. “As a result of using Ads, we have managed to reach [customers in] new markets that may never previously have found our restaurant,” Solé says.

The Results

“These two tools to improve our online marketing have increased visits to our restaurant — that, for us, is the best benefit.”...

A Frame-by-Frame Guide to Creating Your Storyboard

A Frame-by-Frame Guide to Creating Your Storyboard Available for Tripadvisor Premium subscribers, Storyboard gives you a chance to make the best first impression for potential diners.

When it comes to getting new diners in the door, it’s important to make a great first impression for your listing. For Tripadvisor Premium subscribers, we’ve made it easy to keep potential diners engaged and interested in your listing right away. With Storyboard, you can replace a static image into an eye-catching video at the top of your profile.

Storyboard allows you to choose 10 frames of photos, reviews, and tags that showcase your restaurant. But how to choose what to include in your Storyboard? We’ll walk you through frame-by-frame with our free downloadable guide.

Before You Create Your Storyboard...

Define Your Top Attributes

Your Storyboard is the most prominent part of your profile, so make sure it’s working hardest to grab attention by thinking through why diners come to your restaurant in the first place. Focus on your overall cuisine and atmosphere as you build your Storyboard. Potential diners should feel like they’re getting a sneak peek of what it’s like to eat at your restaurant, so show off your best dishes, your dining room, and any other atmospheric elements that make your restaurant special.

Take High Quality Photos of Your Restaurant

Your photos are the star of your Storyboard, so before you get started, you’ll want to make sure you’ve uploaded professional, high-quality Management Photos and browsed through your Traveler Photos. You’ll need at least 10 different photos to make the most out of the Storyboard feature.

To upload any new photos you’ve taken, choose “Photos” under the “Manage Listing” tab in your Management Center. For the best quality photos on Tripadvisor:

  • Upload photos that are at least 1024 px wide by 450 px tall
  • Take photographs of your restaurant and cuisines in lots of light
  • Go beyond mise-en-place and take photos of your atmosphere, setting, and decor
  • Focus on landscape layout (wider than it is tall) instead of portrait layout (taller than it is wide) for best results in our standard display box

This isn’t just important for your Storyboard — it’s a critical aspect of your listing. Restaurants with at least one Management Photo see 44% more engagement over those with no photos, and restaurants with 11 - 20 photos see double the amount of diner interaction over those with no photos at all, according to a recent study.

Where Your Storyboard Will Appear

Once you’re ready to publish, click the orange “Publish Now” button. Note that it may take up to 24 hours for your Storyboard to appear on Tripadvisor’s site. Your Storyboard will appear in the same place where your Primary Photo used to appear below your name and above the Overview section. Instead of a static photo, though, your visitors will see an eye-catching video montage that combines your best photos with review snippets and tags.


How to Choose Your Top 3 Reasons

How to Choose Your Top 3 Reasons Available for Tripadvisor Premium subscribers, Top 3 Reasons helps you showcase what makes your restaurant special.

As a restaurant owner, you are best-equipped to tell diners what sets your restaurant apart. For Tripadvisor Premium subscribers, we’ve made it easy to surface why your restaurant is special and why a potential diner should choose your restaurant over a competitor’s. With Top 3 Reasons, you can turn the reviews and photos diners are already posting on your listing into a powerful marketing tool — or write your own.

But how do you choose what to feature?

Define Your Brand

The first step in choosing your Top 3 Reasons is to determine what defines your brand. Your brand encapsulates who you are as a restaurant and why someone would come to eat there. This starts with your concept — a fine-dining farm-to-table establishment is dramatically different from a Mexican-Korean fusion food truck.

Then, think about that extra “wow” factor you incorporate into your restaurant. Whether it’s your impeccable service, fast turnaround times for your orders, or an extensive wine list, determine what it is about your restaurant that makes diners want to come back again and again.

Finally, listen to your customers. Look at your top-selling menu items and read through your four- and five-bubble reviews to see if there are any patterns of what people love. These things together make up your brand — and that’s what you want to feature with your Top 3 Reasons.

Choose Your Content

It’s a good idea to choose three very different aspects of your business. If you’re still not sure what you want to feature, you can follow this template:

  • 1 Top Reason about your cuisine overall or a specific dish you’re known for
  • 1 Top Reason about the dining experience, such as the service or atmosphere
  • 1 Top Reason about something special, such as outdoor seating, a seasonal menu, or live music

When you’re ready to select your Top 3 Reasons, you’ll want to start with your content, also known as review snippets. To select them, go to “Select Top 3 Reasons” under the “Manage Listing” tab. From there, choose “Edit Content,” and you’ll be able to read through all of your past reviews from the last year. Keep in mind that your review snippets must come from reviews that are less than a year old. Choose a relatively recent review to pull your snippet from and make sure you regularly update your Top 3 Reasons with fresh review snippets that exemplify your brand.

Start by searching for what you want to feature by keyword in the search box, or you can read through your reviews to see if anything jumps out at you. You’ll have up to 70 characters in each review snippet, so you’ll want to look for specific sentences and phrases within those reviews that best showcase what you want to feature.

While we recommend choosing review snippets for your Top 3 Reasons since they carry more weight with potential diners, you do have the option to write your own. This is also a great choice if you are a relatively new restaurant without a lot of reviews. If you choose this, however, you’ll have to write all three of your snippets — at this time, you aren’t able to mix reviewer-submitted content with owner-created content.

Choose Your Photos

Once you’ve chosen your review snippets, you can choose your photo by clicking “Edit Photo.” You can look through your Management Photos or select one from a traveler. Regardless of which set of photos you choose from, you’ll want to make sure you match the photo with the topic of featured review. For example, if you’ve chosen a review snippet that talks about your phenomenal grilled chicken, you should include a photo of that dish.

Note that to be able to use the Top 3 Reasons feature, you must have at least three photos on your listing. If you don’t see an existing photo that appeals to you, you can upload photos of your own by selecting “Photos” under the “Manage Listing” tab.

Where Your Top 3 Reasons Will Appear


Frequently Asked Questions About Tripadvisor for Restaurants

Frequently Asked Questions About Tripadvisor for Restaurants We've put together a comprehensive list of all of our frequently asked questions about Tripadvisor for Restaurants.

Why should I claim my Tripadvisor listing?

Claiming your Tripadvisor listing and registering as a representative of your restaurant is free and allows you access to all aspects of your Tripadvisor page including: editing business details, adding photos, responding to reviews, and more. Claim your listing by visiting the Tripadvisor Management Center. To protect your business, we may ask for a credit card to verify your identity, but this is only for verification purposes and claiming your business is always free. For full instructions on registering, read our guide.

How do I manage my Tripadvisor listing and make it more attractive to visitors?

Once you’ve registered, you can manage all aspects of your Tripadvisor listing in the Management Center. The Management Center is available on both desktop and our mobile app. Simply download the latest Tripadvisor app for iOS or Android and use your phone to respond to reviews, answer questions from potential diners and manage many of your Tripadvisor Premium features. Learn more about the mobile Management Center here.

To optimize your Tripadvisor listing, read our full guide.

How do I update my restaurant's listing details?

All of your business’s listing details can be updated in the Management Center. To access this page, head to the Profile menu at the top of the page and click Manage Listing. Here, you can update information on your business including: general information like your name, contact details, your location, hours of operation, cuisine, pricing information, and more.


Storyboard: Tell Your Story, Your Way

Storyboard: Tell Your Story, Your Way Combine your best photos and top reviews into a promotional preview that engages customers.

Every month, over 455 million people visit Tripadvisor to plan and book their perfect trip.1 From finding the best places to stay, to discovering local restaurants when they get there – travelers use Tripadvisor at all stages of their trip.

As a Tripadvisor Premium for Restaurants subscriber, you have a suite of marketing tools at your fingertips to help you make a great first impression on potential customers. One of these is Storyboard, which transforms your static photos and reviews into a high-quality promotional preview of your property. Our Storyboard builder is easy to use and will guide you along the way. Simply choose your best photos, review snippets, and tags, and we’ll do the rest for you.

Get more customers to choose you by telling your story and putting yourself a step ahead of the competition. Ready to begin?

Setting Up Your Storyboard

In order to publish your Storyboard, you must have an active Tripadvisor subscription. Subscribe to Tripadvisor Premium for Restaurants here: www.tripadvisor.com/Premium.

Getting Started:

Once you’ve subscribed, log into your Management Center at www.tripadvisor.com/Owners and select your business from the drop-down menu. Under the “Manage Listing” menu, select “Create Storyboard.”

Storyboard is easy to create! Each one is made up of ten frames that you can populate with photos, review snippets or tags from your page. Navigate between frames to configure them – we’ll even suggest the content for you. Once you’ve finished editing a frame, click “Next” and your changes will save automatically. For a full frame-by-frame guide, click here.

Selecting photos:

To select, or change, a photo in the frame click “Update Photo.” A photo gallery will then appear below. Use this gallery to select the photo you’d like to use. If you don’t see a photo you like, you can always add additional photos through the “Manage Photos” tool on the left.

Selecting review snippets:

After you’ve selected your photo, you may choose a review snippet. A review snippet is a short excerpt from a traveler’s review of your property. These highlights are automatically generated based on a universal set of criteria. To select a snippet, click the “Update Review Snippet” button and then choose one from the gallery below. Once selected, you will see a preview in the frame above.

Selecting tags:

Tags are summary keywords that appear repeatedly in reviews from different guests or diners. Choose tags that highlight a reason why customers love your business. To select a tag, click the “Update Tag” button and then choose from the tags below. Once selected you will see a preview in the frame above.

Adding review snippets and tags in multiple languages:

If your business has reviews in multiple languages use the drop-down menu to see what languages are available. Once you select a language, all snippets or tags available in that language will be displayed. Be sure to choose options for each of these languages, for each frame, or your Storyboard will be incomplete and not visible in that language. The completion status of each is indicated by color:

  • Languages in black have not been started.
  • Language in green indicates that all snippets or tags have been selected for that language.
  • Languages in orange have been selected in a previous frame but are missing from the current frame.

Note: For restaurants, users will instead see a Storyboard in another completed language.

Publishing your Storyboard:

The final frame is where you have the opportunity to publish your completed Storyboard. Here you will also see which languages are complete, as well as which languages you began but did not complete. To see which frames are incomplete, look for orange dots in the setup carousel and update the frames with additional selections as needed.

Once you’ve completed all frames and are ready to publish, click “Publish Now.” Only completed languages will be published, all other incomplete languages will be saved as a draft until they’re complete. Please note that it can take up to 24 hours for your updates to appear on your live Storyboard. If you’re not yet ready to publish your Storyboard, you can always leave and come back to publish it at another time. All changes will be saved in the Storyboard editor.

  • 1. Tripadvisor log files, average monthly unique visitors, Q3 2017
Last Updated: 26 December 2017

Tell the World Why Diners Love You with Top 3 Reasons to Eat Here

Tell the World Why Diners Love You with Top 3 Reasons to Eat Here

Use the Top 3 Reasons to Eat Here feature to convince potential diners to choose your restaurant.

Tripadvisor Premium subscribers have access to powerful features that help them market their business, turning Tripadvisor visitors into customers. Top 3 Reasons to Eat Here is a Tripadvisor Premium feature that uses review snippets and photos to entice potential customers to choose you. Created based on feedback from restaurateurs, this feature creates an exclusive section on your listing, where you can show customers what makes your establishment special.

When combined with Storyboard and Favorite Review, Top 3 Reasons to Eat Here allows you to optimize each area of your Tripadvisor listing and showcase your restaurant at its very best.

How to Add Your Top 3 Reasons to Eat Here

1. Upgrade to Tripadvisor Premium

To activate Top 3 Reasons and other Premium features, upgrade your listing at www.tripadvisor.com/Premium.

2. Sign into the Management Center

Visit Tripadvisor.com/Owners on desktop or mobile web and select your restaurant from the list. Then, choose "Select Top 3 Reasons" under the "Manage Listing" tab. Once there, click the orange "Get Started" button to begin.

3. Select your review snippets

Choose the review snippet you’d like to feature by clicking “Edit Snippet” at the top of the page. Scroll through the list of reviews and choose one that showcases what makes you unique. You can narrow down the list by selecting one of the review tags or searching for a specific term you’d like to highlight. For more ideas on how to choose your Top 3 Reasons, check out this guide.

Once you’ve found the perfect review, click the green circle to the right and see a highlighted sample of your snippet. Keep it as is, or adjust the length by clicking “Edit” and selecting text to the left or right. Just make sure the full highlighted text is 70 characters or less. Click “Submit” to save your changes.

4. Add a title for your review snippet

Next, add a title in the white box at the bottom of the page. Keep your title short — 30 characters or less — and be sure it summarizes the full review snippet featured below.

5. Select a photo

Feature a photo alongside each review snippet by clicking “Edit Photo” and selecting an image from the gallery of Management and Traveler Photos. Choose one that corresponds with the reason you’re featuring. For example, if your review snippet highlights half-priced oysters, the photo you select should also be of oysters. Click “Submit” to save your changes and preview this reason.

6. Set up additional reasons 

Repeat steps 2-4 for your remaining Top 3 reasons.

7. Publish! 

Once you are happy with all three selections, click “Preview to Publish.” Here you’ll see your Top 3 Reasons to Eat Here displayed just as visitors will see them on your page. Feel free to continue editing and previewing your changes until you are satisfied. When you’re ready to publish, click “Publish.”

Tips and Best Practices for Top 3 Reasons to Eat Here

  • Opt for review snippets from past diners – Tripadvisor visitors trust and love to hear what users like them have to say.
  • If you prefer to add your own custom description, you can do so by clicking “Write your own description” and entering your text in 70 characters or less. If you choose to do this, then you must do so for each of the three reasons – you cannot mix some user reviews with some custom descriptions.
  • Highlight three diverse aspects of your business. For example, spotlight your atmosphere, drink specials, and most-popular dish – rather than just selecting three dishes from your menu.
  • Add your Top 3 Reasons in other languages by using the language drop-down on the right. Just select the language you’d like to add, and follow the steps above. 
  • If you don’t have time to finish all three reasons, you can save your changes at any time by clicking “Save as Draft.”

For more best practices for your Top 3 Reasons, check out this guide.

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Last Updated: 7 October 2018

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