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Carnival Paradise

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Passengers: 2,052   |   Crew: 920
Passengers to crew: 2.23:1
Passengers to space: 34:1
Launched: 1998   


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Deck 4 layout
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Cabin size: 185 - 185 sq. ft.
Connected rooms: 8
Accessible rooms: 5
Maximum passengers: 4
Number of cabins: 98
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Lori M wrote a review Apr 2020
4 contributions
This was our kids' first cruise (ages 8 and 11). It was also our family reunion cruise (group of 90+). My kids loved the bunk beds and the suite was perfect for our family of 4! Ketut was our stateroom seward and was very attentive, kind, and helpful. Nemesio, Isagani, and Eylem provided excellent dining room service. Our kids sat at a different table with their younger cousins. Nemesio always remembered what they liked to drink and brought it out to them without my having to order for them. He also jumped in to cut up my son's meat so I could return to my meal a couple of times. Leon was definitely entertaining and kept the party going whenever he was around. We decided to try the Cat in the Hat breakfast for the kids, which was fun, but we didn't think the food was as great as the other meals we had. The kids enjoyed the waterslides the most. The pool is always crowded unless you are there early or late (probably as any cruise ship pool is), so we never got a chance to hang out there. We had a wonderful time though and many precious memories from the the kids' first cruise.
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Christopher B wrote a review Mar 2020
Montreal, Canada4 contributions5 helpful votes
I will 1st start by saying the staff were incredible We had a good time appart from bering ripped off on 1 of our 2 excursions. The cruise overall is below average at best. At the last Minuit Carnival , decided to change the ports of call. Nothing in our control , but completly in thier control. Our Excursion in Grand Caymen was delayed for hours waited 2 hours in the auditorium to hear the same thing over and over as way to cover up the delay in organizing . We were supposed to arrive at 9 am we did not get off until 11 am , everyone was concearned that because of the tardy arrival that our excursion would be cut short . We were promised by the excursion manager Ian Shorex that we would get the full 4 hours of beach time. we waited another hour and a half on the pier , again promised by the tour operator that even though we were late , we would keep the agenda . Im thinking how are they supposed top do this when the ship sails out at 4 pm . Once we arrived to the crowded beach , at 1 pm , you guessed it by 2:45 was time to wrap up and go back to the ship. Everyone on board was shaking thier heads. I want toi make clear that it was not the money but the fact that there were only 2 stops on the ship , and we were chiseled out of 1 . Basically over $200 USD to take a bus from the pier. There is a nicer public beach beside the terminal for no cost and walking distance from pier . I would have rather used my time that way . After making a complaint to a new amature excursion manager Ian Shorex ( the same clown who promised the itinarary would match what we were promised ) did not offer any sympathy or concearn for what he was representing . He basically said I will check with the tour operator to verify the story , I was not alone in the line. We as passangers all felt cheated and felt like it was our word against a local tour operator . Not a way to make a guest feel welcome and valued. He said he wopuld get back to us with a solution,. I asked for his card and he would not provide me with one . A bit strange for an onboard manager , but whatever . 26 hours later , no word , I went to see him but he only works 2 h a day and was not availible . Once i got him on the phone from the comfort of his stateroom , he said " I left you a message " I apologized thinking it was an oversight on my part . Apparently the message said he gave us a reimbursment . Okay then , does not really make up for loosing the day , but at least that at a minimum . The refund was $36 when I went to settle my account . I called him back and said " there must be some mistake . It was a $200 bus ride to the beach" ( I cannot even call it an excursion as there was no value for the money ) He said thats what the tour operator authorized me to return to you, If your not happy take it up when you return home. BTW I checked the Phone in both cabins I booked , no message , so Mr. Shorex is not only a hustler for big cruise line, he is also a liar ! Guess what Im doing now ? I called carnival to explain the situation , but unfortunatly Mr. Shorex was right . It is not Carnival's policy to reimburse errors on thier part . Carnival advertises booking excursions with them , to make sure you are protected , not ripped off by locals who hustle for tips and with the goal booking as many places as possible. YOU ARE NOT PROTECTED and at the mercy of the locals . Carnival is simply a middle man who takes a cut. ( your probably safer using your credit card over the phone in Mexico ) at least you know what your in for. Any tagline Carnival uses " make the best of your time ashore. Yes you could do that on your own. After 15 minuits of explaining > They offered us an additional $25 excursion credit to use at a future date, and said that this was an exception. Do you think I would book another excursion through Carnival , I will not even sail with them again as the Excursions are more then half the fun. That being said, be careful if you decide to Use a carnival backed excusrion, you are not protected , and they dont care. I will Say that the rest of tyhe staff are polite , helpfull carring . I suggest they demote Mr. Shorex to room service as he could learn a lot better people skills from that team. , Maricha ( house keeping ) Sudhaker ( water activities) Monica ( Hostest at resturant ) Mrs . Thailand ( Waitress ) and Leon ( Cruise Director were amazing I apologize if I left anyone out . All of you should insist on having better Tour Managment on board as because of this will be our 1st and last carinval cruise ... Hope this helps
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Pete Nicholsen wrote a review Mar 2020
2 contributions
Embarked on timme told to stay out of cabin till onePM, Sat near pool birds landed an feasted on our lunch. CAbin had no thermostat. Service was ok, food sucked. Wasit staff danced theree nights of five. Few hand washing stations, none entering or leaving Casino. De-embarkation was horribble, took over two hours. Hot tubs and showeers Skuzzy.
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S.b wrote a review Mar 2020
1 contribution
CRUISERS BEWARE: My fiancé has been cruising for over 28 years and he says this is hands down the worst cruise he has ever had. Many others on the ship were saying the same thing. Why you may ask?! GUEST SERVICES The ship was rerouted due to rough waters. While this was mighty unfortunate for us as we had several meetings booked for our upcoming wedding in the Cayman Islands, but we understood. We went to guest services , and after spending forever in line , we were greeted by the guest services SUPERVISOR , Alexandra Ingant. She was rude, had no customer care skills and was very dismissive. She asked us to come back the next day( in her words “ because I’m to busy dealing with all these issues) so she could help us by showing us room accommodations for our wedding and the very large party we were bringing with us. We go back the next day- and she was very rude and dismissive again. Told us all that had to be scheduled and dealt with over the phone . Treated us like we were stupid. With no help of carnival we were able to reschedule our meetings with wedding vendors for the new port day. Tuesday March 3rd comes around and we were up early and ready to get off the ship. As many of you probably know you have to tender into the Caymans. Well they were saying something over the speakers ( which you could hardly hear ship wide- fix your dang PA system carnival paradise, it’s ridiculous). It’s already 10 ( the time we should have been able to make our way to the tenders) but nope. We have to get numbers and wait .... it took them over 2 hours to get us off the ship, meaning we didn’t get to the island until after 12.... we missed one of our already rescheduled meetings , due to carnivals lack of organization. Then we were informed that we had to be back to the tenders by 5:15 ( at the latest) . So much for our extended day in cayman- we were only on land for 4.75 hours instead of the 8 we were promised ( mind you the day before in Cozumel was supposed to be a 9 hour day that we were shorted to 6 hours). Spoke to customer service again. This time just for numbers go complain, as guest services stated they do not compensate for bad experiences. A very kind guest services lady was writing cooperates number down for me. I asked her for the supervisors card as well and right then, the supervisor ( Alexandra Ignant) swung the curtain open and loudly and very rudely exclaimed “ what did I do now?!” . Making everyone in line turn and look. I got the info and walked away. Fast forward to getting off the ship. PURE CHAOS. So in organized. While waiting , everyone in our area was talking about how bad of a week it had been, and how horrid guest services were. They were advising everyone to blow social media up with bad reviews. Once home, we called customer care center ( of cooperate) . They hung up on us once, the phones disconnected after waiting for well over 30 mins another time. Finally we got ahold of the last person. After expressing our frustrations, her only solution was to record it, and possibly retrain. She even went as far to say that “ they do not compensate for bad customer service because not everyone has a bad experience”. She then tried to offer $25 of on board credit for future sailing- which was basically an insult. As I mentioned before, we’ve sailed with carnival exclusively for a long time. However, after their blatant disregard for the customer experience , and how much they didn’t care that we lost money and hours of time on an island ( we paid for) , we will no longer be advising people to sail with them. The only good thing about this week was our stateroom steward, Joven. He was very professional, extremely helpful, and very kind. He was always helping someone ( even if it wasn’t in his room section). He deserves a promotion . So beware folks. Carnival no longer cares about how their guest services SUPERVISORS speak to and treat the cruisers . Such a shame carnival, such a shame.
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stacey3112017 wrote a review Mar 2020
Memphis, Tennessee6 contributions
I am utterly appalled and in shock of the complete lack of enforcement of passengers sanitizing their hands on this ship. I’ve been on over 25 different cruises with different cruise lines but this was my first and last with Carnival. They did not enforce this when boarding the ship nor were there any employees at the food stations and restaurants to enforce this. While reboarding from excursions I watched numerous people completely bypass any hand sanitizer stand as was the same at the food stations. With the outbreak of the coronavirus and with it being flu season I am shocked at Carnivals lack of concern for their passengers and employees. I understand we need to be responsible adults but as mentioned before, EVERY other cruise for over twenty years that I’ve been on has strict hand sanitizing policies. With the exception of the Destiny restaurant crew, this was THE worst guest service I have ever experienced.
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