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Tours, activities and experiences bookable on Tripadvisor, ranked using exclusive Tripadvisor data including reviews, ratings, photos, popularity, user preferences, price, and bookings made through Tripadvisor.

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  • cachid
    Miami Beach13 contributions
    Was a very good experience. combines interesting geological formations with a good time in one of the best beaches in the Dominican Republic. Archie, the guide, was extremely knowledgeable and gave a multilingual group lots of information in Spanish, English, French, and German. He was also extremely accommodating.
    The trip to the caves is a bit challenging, but the brochure already tells you that you should be in good physical shape for this tour.
    Written 13 November 2021
    This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.
  • Kally J
    1 contribution
    Such a beautiful island but the instructions were slim to none. It was pretty hard to find Adolfo at the Royal restaurant. There was no sign showing which restaurant was that one. Even when we asked others around if they knew who he was, no one knew. Weird enough the same people would be talking to him later. Pretty sketchy, but SAFE overall. This was definitely NOT a catamaran ride. More like a big fishing boat where you get sprayed from the water. Make sure you take some limes or Dramamine or you might get sick. All Adolfo did was get us on the boat. We never saw him again after that. Oh and you have to pay 100 pesos for parking if you drive. We left at 830/9 am and didn’t come back until 430pm. This is a great trip if you pack a towel, your own lunch, and bring your own drinks/alcohol. So bring a backpack full of the stuff you need. Otherwise we didn’t know that and we weren’t happy. Just left on the island with nothing to do but swim and take pictures. The lunch provided was OKAY at best. I did eat it but it was only rice and beans, chicken(which was tough and I didn’t like it) salad (which was actually pretty good) fruit and fish. I would’ve preferred to bring my own lunch if I had known. There were so many damn flies everywhere we had to make sure the food was covered. Otherwise to buy a pineapple with rum was $5usd so not that bad. There were other little shops you could buy things from too. Again no guided tour or anyone there with us the whole time. We had NO CLUE as to the exact time to go back to Samana but followed everyone else. Also was not clear which boat we were to be on again to get back. It was TERRIBLE when trying to figure it out. We ended up just jumping on any boat back. Overall not a terrible trip but not what was expected.
    Written 25 November 2019
    This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.
  • Mary T
    Watford, UK114 contributions
    CAYO LEVENTADO visit included in El Limon/ Samana tour. Beautiful beaches. Worth visiting, but on this tour basically 1hr to spend in this location which is definitely not enough. The beach is lovely, the area not too touristy and the shores shallow enough to enter for those with knee/ hip problems (in order to get out again). I would love to have spent more time here, but it is still a long way/ time from Punta Cana.
    Written 10 December 2018
    This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.
  • kurztrip22
    Europe15 contributions
    Go Excursions was our tour operator for the Samana Whales full day excursion which included Whale watching, a visit to Cajo Levantado beach and the Cascada el Limón waterfall via Horseback ride.

    Samuel, our designated tour guide for the day held an introductory speech and shared various "information" on how and how not to understand some of the things we were going to see during our bus ride to the port.

    In retrospect, this "information" was most likely shared to pre-empt complaints and strange situations.
    Example: His interpretation on the horses' condition that take visitors to the Cascada el Limón waterfalls was that they are 'fitter' than other horses instead of being in at least questionable condition. More to that as this review progresses.

    We were also informed that "not having fun" or complaining just might result in being sent home. Folks, if that doesn't set the right tone to the trip, what else would?! It gives oneself the feeling that there have been disputes in the past that are trying to be prohibited upfront.

    Before arriving at port, we were also briefed, that whale watching had been rescheduled to the afternoon due to high boat count in Samana Bay.

    Pick-up time was before 7am in the morning and after traveling by bus, a pit stop, boarding a boat to set over to Samana and getting into a safari open air truck, we arrived at Cascada el Limón waterfall horseback sight at ca. 11:30am.

    Unfortunately there was no prior information from Samuel, that the horse guides to the waterfall work on a voluntary basis.
    This makes them dependant on tips received for the horseback guiding as there is no regular pay from tour operator for their services. When charged $150 and more for such trip, this is questionable to say the least.
    We found out afterwards that several Travel operators have taken Cascada el Limón horseback out of their program due to these circumstances, condition of the horses and state of path to the waterfall.

    Also, Samuel urged to use the horses because trekking to the waterfall wasn't too safe after it had rained for several days prior to our visit and he couldn't guarantee for our safety.
    He forgot to mention, that there were free boots and socks (additional cost) available for the trek. From perspective of the before mentioned guide volunteers, this is a courteous move, but it certainly isn't transparent.

    After completing the visit to the waterfall and some nice fotos, we were urged back into the safari buses to head back to Samana and board the ship to head to Cajo Levantado island for lunch and leisure time.

    Latest here it is worth mentioning, one could get the impression of being on a tightly scheduled transport mission rather than a relaxed day of exploring, whales and leisure.

    Arriving at the island at around 2:30pm, lunch time was more than late.
    After most visitors had been picked up before breakfast venues opened at their hotels and no snacks or food were included from Go Excursions until then.

    As we still had the main attraction of whale watching planned, time was precious and we were scheduled for departure at 3:50pm. With lunch and a short selling program for the local merchants before, there wasn't much time left to leisure. Lunch and drinks were good and standard for day excursions and off site catering.

    After boarding the ship again, we had a great and adventurous time watching the whales with some nice foto and video opportunities. The afternoon time did not seem to impact the whale experience. Duration was sufficient and well worth the wait over course of the day.

    All in all, the full day trip was a tight time schedule adventure.
    As previous reviews have also stated, the day is filled with additional tipping and "spend your money" opportunities which is fine, but the tour operator has optimized its spend to exploit turnover and profit.
    I wouldn't recommend Go Excursions for what is described above. The whale watching was certainly fun but more importantly there is necessity for critical improvement.

    In future, I would not book this trip or the tour operator until conditions improve for the real contributors of the day and these are the local residents.

    Best regards and happy travels!
    Written 28 January 2022
    This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.