Hiking Trails in Luzon

Top Hiking Trails in Luzon, Philippines

Hiking Trails in Luzon

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  • Jbajba
    Manila, Philippines75 contributions
    With kids and granny tagging along, this was a good option for a half day visit. The fee is 100 pesos per person and a local will guide you down to the stream. We saw some bikers making use of the trail. You can have a little picnic if that is your taste, although the place to picnic is good for only 1 family ( maybe 2 the most).
    Written 2 November 2021
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  • Melissa E
    68 contributions
    Have you ever seen a golf course on top of a mountain? Neither have we until we climbed Mt. Daguldol. All that was missing were people hauling clubs or racing golf carts. For those of you who wants to experience a different kind of summit, a relaxed climb and meet really nice people, this is the mountain for you.

    We did an overnight climb last Nov 2, all souls day. The hike started with a steady ascent from jump off and can be really hot if you start a little late. After an hour or two the ascents become gradual and the last leg to summit was a lot easier and cooler. There are no tough assaults to peak. We were expecting a Fiesta of some sort because of the long weekend but we were pleasantly surprised because we practically had the mountain all to ourselves. And the campsite as well. We were the only ones there! And by gosh it looked like a golf course. The vast ladscape was lush green. I was itching to roll down hill and run up and do it all over again like a kid. There were cows grazing and the air was so fresh and lovely. The campsite/summit didn't have an unobstructed view of the sea or other mountains but was breathtaking nonetheless. The night was cold, windy, foggy and a little creepy ( maybe due to the fact that it's just me and Harley up there, hehe ) but that added to the fun and adventure. We were apprehensive and scared at first but we proved that this is a safe mountain, even if we felt like we were on LOST. We descended the following morning feeling happy and overwhelmed by the experience. The descent was manageable and relaxed. ( and we didn't shred our quads. Point! )This was a gem of a climb. Now let me tell you about the people of Batangas.

    Kuya Onyok, our guide, was very patient with us ( particularly with me, slowpoke! ) and was chatty and very accommodating. When he offered to refill our 2 liters of empty water bottle at the nearest water source, he kindly gave us extra 5 liters so we'll have enough to last us the night. Take about going the extra mile! He was so very kind and polite and I advice everyone to look for him for your future climb here.

    Ate Lorna, the lady at the registration, very accommodating, pleasant and honest. I left my wallet at her place and she took precautions as to whom to give it back to. She studied my ID and told everyone with her to check if the one who claims it looks like my picture. Hehehehe. She could've just given it to anyone and be done with this lil hassle but she kept it safe for me.

    The unknown mountaineer - kudos and a big thank you to the person who found my wallet at Ate Lornas place and gave it to her for safekeeping. Your a true angel.

    All the other people of Laiya Batangas -
    There were all so nice and accommodating. They know how to take care of you and make you feel welcome. They were all smiles and willing to help with even the littlest things. Like the Ate and Kuya at the last store before the peak. They offer free water and good conversation. Very nice people. Very nice. They are the real reason why I want to go back there. And the reason you should go there too. Salamat po sa inyong lahat.

    All mountain is your first. That's what I believe in. Doesn't matter if it's you actual first or your hundredth. The experience, adventure, sights, pain, wonder and excitement all feels new everytime...

    ● Minor climb - 2.5 to 5 hours to summit depending on pace
    ● Not steep, no tough assaults but with steady ascent from jump off for an hour or 2
    ● With stop overs where you can buy food and drinks ( and sing! 1 has a videoke machine )
    ● Guides required - 500 for day hike 1000 for overnight
    ● With parking for private vehicles near registration ( 100 ) note: rough road with sharp rocks to site
    ● 35 pesos per head registration fee
    ● Public transport time bound and expensive
    ● Water source in Niyugan campsite. No water source at summit.
    ● Beware of doggies at night who attack....your left overs. Hehehehe. Place your trash high up where they can't reach it. Don't leave anything outside your tent after lights out we were advised. Better do the same I guess. But the dogs are friendly. The insect are not. Spray repellent on your tent. They ate holes in ours.

    Written 5 November 2018
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  • PCJ Eje
    Los Banos, Philippines2 contributions
    I've been living in the area for around 13 years, and it was on my 6th year that I get to enjoy birding here, when I learned basic photography. I can share with you several birding spots, not usually visited by visiting birders. I learned about these just a year ago as well. Early morning walks before going to the office get me more acquainted of the bird species in the area. Mt. Makiling is a great birding site with a lot of endemic birds to see! It's just an hour away from Metro Manila.
    Written 7 January 2020
    This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.
  • niiian
    Manila, Philippines37 contributions
    We came here on the day before the mayor closes all tours cos of the coronavirus scare. We were the second group to reach the top. By 6am, there were easily at least 50 people waiting for the sunrise. Every corner of the Marlboro hill has someone claiming the spot for the sea of clouds shot. You won't go hungry in this traverse cos there are lots of vendors strategically selling snacks and drinks throughout the hike. The hills are not so far from Poblacion, around 15 minute drive. The 1,350 transpo fee can be expensive for smaller groups. But since we wanted to finish early, paying that amount was better than waiting for other joiners. Although if we could do it again, we will just rent a scooter and drive it ourselves cos that's cheaper (800 per day).
    Written 1 March 2020
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  • Katy Santos
    Philippines516 contributions
    Kiltepan Viewpoint is 3km away from the Municipal Tourism Office.
    Here you can enjoy the view of the sea of clouds at the top of the mountains and valleys during the beautiful sunrise. Depends on the weather, the view of the sea of clouds might not be perfect.
    If you’ve watched the movie, “The Thing Called Tadhana” and need to move on from a heartbreak then this is a must-visit place in Sagada. Some tourists are screaming out their feelings like the unforgettable scene in the movie.
    The best time to go here is before sunrise around 4 am to catch the sea of clouds.
    While waiting for the sunrise, you can have breakfast in small restaurants located in Viewpoint. A must-try during your breakfast would be their Sagada coffee and mountain tea (my favorite!). Their champorado (hot chocolate porridge) and Arroz Caldo (Filipino porridge) are a must-try too!
    You can buy some items here like a bag of Sagada coffee beans and mountain tea.
    Written 6 April 2020
    This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.
  • Ramon C
    1 contribution
    Good Day to all
    You can ask me if you have questions about Mt Talamitam Or Mt Batulao Hike? Message or call me here Globe : 09672963538 smart-09301206603 Local Tour guide Here!
    Written 12 September 2022
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  • AgC2012
    Manila, Philippines126 contributions
    not sure why people get excited about this little patch of grass in BCG. Yes the one in Legazpi Village is essentail, but here the whole high street is green and fresh!
    Written 13 July 2019
    This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.
  • Nico Samneil Sy Salado
    Cebu Island, Philippines597 contributions
    Pavement is cemented. It is a bit of a struggle going up but it is nothing compared to the trek that i had at batad rice terraces. There are also other hanging coffins but these are the only ones u could get to see up close. Make sure you go here when there is no burial since it would be close if ever so. U would passby a cemetery before going to this hanging cemetery
    Written 20 December 2019
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  • Amanda & John
    2 contributions
    visited this place during winter. Great place as read on travel magazines. Truly worth the time spent here.
    Written 23 August 2020
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  • zoey S
    2 contributions
    Got a chance to hike this mountain in the afternoon before the sunset. Quiet and peaceful atmosphere. It is a bit hard going up so wearing sneakers are necessary. A bit windy when you are on top, but definitely worth sweating going there.
    Written 26 November 2021
    This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.
  • Krubee
    Singapore, Singapore527 contributions
    To hear a camp means its outdoors - it could be on a beach, in the forest and this time on top of the Cordillera Mountains right at the heart of Baguio city. Approximately up on the plateau high in the mountains at an average elevation of almost 1,500 m or 5,000 feet this is a conducive and comfortable place with a pleasant and cool climate all year round. Classified as a Tropical Highland climate similar to a Mediterranean place temperatures here hover around in 20’s going down to single digits during the winter months and rarely goes beyond 30’s. In fact, I’ve been to Baguio 2x during the intense summer heat of Manila, I was shocked and felt I’m in a different country - cool, foggy and rainy during the summer months. There are plenty of parks, nature trails, historic places, cool attractions, schools, cafes and churches here in Baguio but one of my favourites is Camp John Hay, away from the hustle and bustle of the city it is a former US military facility built in 1903 which is now converted into a park with hotels, golf club, cafes, restaurants, horseback riding, adventure and nature trails, butterfly sanctuary, picnics, tons of Pine trees and a lot more to offer. Its an exclusive enclave for those looking for a more private place, less crowded and literally within the arms of the nature itself - in the midst of the towering and beautiful Pine trees of the Cordillera Mountains and we could smell everywhere the smell of Xmas - minty, earthy and nutty. We could also hear the sounds of nature - the dance of the leaves and branches, the chirping of the birds, the songs of the insects and the kiss of the cool winds.

    We are a family of 11 people with 5 kids and we booked our place at the Forest Lodge, one of the prime hotel destinations at Camp John Hay. This is my 2nd time to stay here with first before the Covid pandemic when I attended the wedding of a dear friend right beside its sister hotel - the Manor. Bearing the intense heat of the city since the start of April, going to a cool place is at the top of our agenda to escape the intense heat of Manila. Located within Loakan road inside Camp John Hay from Gate 1 or via Baguio Country Club thru Gate 4. The hotel is nestled between the Pine trees, the Golf club, and its sister Manor Hotel to its right side. The famous Chocolate de Batirol cafe is just 5 mins drive up towards Loakan road. I personally chose this hotel because of my good experience from the last time especially its big rooms and the classic and charming interior which is a blend of Filipino and Lodge cabin designs. On that day they have promotions for Superior rooms which cost us about 4K++ per room including 1 extra bed on 2 of the rooms. Separate Review for Forest Lodge can be found under my Review profile (https://www.tripadvisor.com.sg/ShowUserReviews-g298445-d3483802-r837408522-The_Forest_Lodge_at_Camp_John_Hay-Baguio_Benguet_Province_Cordillera_Region_Luzo.html). We didn’t spend much activities at the Camp since we only visited for 1 night and it was raining on the day we arrived. So we only chilled at our hotel during our free times, have some Hot cup of chocolates & breakfast at Chocolate de Batirol - one of the best Filipino themed cafe and truly a must visit. See also my separate review about it in my profile (https://www.tripadvisor.com.sg/ShowUserReviews-g298445-d1728989-r841891453-Choco_late_de_Batirol-Baguio_Benguet_Province_Cordillera_Region_Luzon.html).

    However, we did 3 outdoor activities inside the camp - went for a cool, sunny, morning run around our hotel area and tried the Horseback riding inside the camp. Whenever we visit a cool place like Baguio or Tagaytay, Horseback riding is always on the agenda and for sure there will always be a Horseback riding attraction. One of the main reasons we chose to go up here is for my youngest nephew to try riding a horse but sadly he got scared even after so much convincing. The attraction is near the Loakan road Gate 1 entrance of the camp and it has a very spacious parking lot. We intend to try it on our first day but it was raining so we did it after we checked out from the hotel. Regardless, my nephew still saw all those lovely horses both local and some imported. Some are quite tall and big and some are small and short. Some are old and some are young. Their very colourful and sturdy exhuming Elegance, Grace, Beauty and Strength. Some of them are Dark Brown, Black, White, or Grey. I’ve tried horseback riding in Camp John Hay a couple of times before and I would say that the charming Pink Horses were back to their original Wite colours. The attendant who helped me rode the horse explained that the city would like to preserve the natural colours of the horses. I could not remember how much we paid because they were in cash but it would be between 300 to 500 pesos for half an hour per person. 8 of us took the ride one at a time and I took their photos before they start and before I took my own ride. Each of us have a guide to protect us from falling and help us manage the horse. They don’t provide helmets but have seat belts on the saddle or the seat covering at the back of the horse. If you prefer without the guide holding the neck strap you can and the guide will be by your side provided you could control the horse. Amazingly, the horses were very healthy, behaved and well taken care of. The guides could also take your photos and videos if you would need some help. The riding trail circles around the horse paddock or their enclosure and surrounded by the numerous Pine trees and hills of the Cordillera mountains on the outer side. It was 30 mins in total and would take around 8 to 10 loops. We fall in line one by one and just slowly ride our way around the park. Enjoying the moment with the horse, feeling and embracing its presence, breathing in the cool refreshing scent of cool Pine trees and enjoying the cool sunny weather of Baguio. It has always been a therapeutic time for me to ride a horse - it relieves our stress, calms and relaxes us and overall just makes us happy. Furthermore, it is an eco-friendly activity with the amount you paid helps both the livelihood of the local people and for the care, future and nurture of the Horses.

    Some of my family members tried to ride on their own with the guides watching, some are a bit fast, some are slow like me hehe. My horse is a light brown medium built guy who is one of the youngest in the herd and he loves to walk in the grass whenever we do our loops. It is indeed a wonderful experience to witness that animals like us do have feelings and likes and dislikes. One of the most surprising things I’ve witness is that they were calling out the oldest in the herd - a Black, Strong, Tall and Big sturdy Stallion who made his way at the center of the Paddock. It looked like the horses made their respects with his presence. Truly amazing and the first time I’ve witnessed this behaviour amongst the horses. Of course, one of the funniest things when you ride a horse or elephants is that they will poop or pee along the way and you couldn’t stop them they have to do it. Mine didn’t do it but a couple of horses in front of me poops and peed along the loop haha. If you have a small child, 2 persons can seat on one big horse with a guardian as one. The lady guide who assisted me asked if I would like to hold the neck strap but I prefer her to hold it since I’m a bit scared and at the same time I’m taking our lovely photos and videos. However, kudos to the lady she is very informative, helpful and friendly, She taught me a lot about horses, how they behave, where they came from and their personalities. After half an hour we concluded our joyful, safe, pleasant, therapeutic and memorable Horseback ride which always never fails and all the time very memorable and fun whenever we try it in Baguio and Camp John Hay is always our favourite and a must go to!!! I would suggest putting a cafe or more seating or picnic area along the horse back paddocks so those who don’t wanna ride can just witness and observe the lovely, strong and graceful horses.

    The other activity we did was a morning jog around our hotel area. At a very cool day of 17 celcius we woke up quite early around 6 in the morning and took a relaxing run around the Forest Lodge Hotel area. Since were on a plateau the road is hilly but well-paved so its pretty safe. There is also a walking and running path so your out of the main road. From the hotel the path is downhill and going back is uphill. I took a 30 mins run from the hotel up to Choco-late de Batirol and passing thru Camp John Hay Golf club along the way. It was a cool, relaxing, smoothing and therapeutic run for us. We loved running on a cold weather and with the sunrise - not too bright and yet very conducive. Since we are based on a tropical country, running outside on a tropical weather is quite heavy and stressful. So going on a gym is a better option. We enjoyed the lovely Pine trees of the Cordillera mountains, the colourful and lovely flowers around the forest, the sound of nature in the early morning with the birds chirping, and beautiful well designed Golf course and most of all the cool, chilly, sunny and calming weather of Baguio at 17 celcius. So if your hotel is based in Camp John Hay I would suggest to try some relaxing jog here.

    To conclude my excellent review of Camp John Hay, the last spot we visited is the Pine trees forest just across Choco-late de Batirol. Up in the mountains, Pine trees are in abundant and this is where their at home. These are Benguet Pine Trees and local to the province and city of Baguio. Their tall, slender and have long branches. Their not the typical short and condensed Pine trees. They are the symbol of Baguio and the main reason why its called the City of Pines. Together, they are important part of the ecological structure of a highland place making sure there will be no soil erosion especially during the rainy days and provides a habitat for the local fauna like the birds and the squirrels. Most of all they also help lower the temperature, provide fresh and cool air and of course, the cool, refreshing Pine scent all over the place. We took our lovely photos and videos around and below them which is truly remarkable, magical, charming and memorable. It is indeed Amazing how beautiful the Philippines is, with so much to offer from the white sand beaches, to the dense hot cities, to the humid tropical forests, thousands of islands, historic churches and majestic highlands and mountains like Baguio, the city of Pines. There you go, if you’re looking for a place to chill, relax and escape the intense heat of the lowlands then look no further do visit Baguio and if you’re there don’t forget to stop by Camp John Hay, for us one of the best and coolest nature parks out there if not in the Philippines the whole world!!!
    Written 28 June 2022
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  • chriscross118
    Basingstoke, UK29 contributions
    Fantastic forest and gardens with beautiful lakes. Worth spending a day exploring. Take a picnic lunch. Don’t miss the animals although the cages seemed a bit small for them. Good situation just off national highway.
    Written 19 January 2019
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  • Gore S
    Kalinga Province, Philippines233 contributions
    If you love hiking and mountain trekking, this trail is exciting. I hiked from the town proper of Kabayan until this place close to Halsema Highway for 5 hours under the unceasing pouring down of rain. The hike was challenging because the mountain is so steep but the passion to conquer was oneself pushed me to enjoy it.

    Don't wear slippers. Bring a bottle of water. Take some chocolates.

    At the end of the trail, you will see the famous Philippine fire mummies.
    Written 10 January 2015
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  • MiyakaYuki
    114 contributions
    Me and my family tried to go here with the help of GPS. When we arrive to the place where GPS is pointing us, it wasn't there. I don't expect GPS to be accurate all the time but I was expecting the place it's pointing to should be close enough. We tried asking the locals and they're not even aware - too sad. Don't try finding the place after 4pm as it gets spooky. Not too much people you can see in the area. The info in the net as of date are also not helpful.
    Written 17 April 2015
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  • Menashke
    Hod Hasharon, Israel58 contributions
    Staying for a while in the town of Labo, Province of Camarines Norte, I was suggested to try a hiking tour in Mount Cadig near Bayabas, Labo. about 1 hour ride by car from Labo town proper direction Santa Helena you get to the village of Bayabas. Crossing the local elementary school you find yourself out in an agricultural land and that's where you start your hiking. Like most of Labo area the scenery is of mountains and valleys covered with rich green vegetation partly agricultural- rice fields and coconut trees- and partly natural is very beautiful, there are no signs and directions so you must have a guide and the equipment to enter the cave. Its about 2 hours of beautiful hiking to the cave and about 1 hour in the cave named Bag Angan cave. for any inquiry one can contact directly the mayor of Labo or the Bayabas barangay Captain
    Written 27 May 2015
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