Kayaking & canoeing in Luzon

Top Kayaking & Canoeing in Luzon, Philippines

Kayaking & Canoeing in Luzon

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  • Poy
    1 contribution
    Hassle free! Dont hesitate to book your next vacation trip. Just message them via fb messenger to coordinate your preferences on your next trip.
    Written 6 August 2022
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  • Alvaro C
    Bilbao, Spain46 contributions
    It was a real taylor made experience, an exclusive trip for the four of us. Laura was always there ready to help us, even when we lost my wedding ring in the van 🙈.
    We highly recommend to everybody. You have only to contact to Laura and she will desing your travel.
    Many thanks Laura and see you in our next travel to FILIPINAS 🌴🐠🐡🦈🐢
    Written 26 March 2020
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  • Shane S
    Atimonan, Philippines10 contributions
    Friendly staffs, good food, nice place.. super sulit ang stay namin.. we stayed here just for one night.. 1600/pax, for 2 rooms and 3 buffet meals...
    Written 31 October 2018
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  • Javier G
    4 contributions
    Before embarking on this trip organized by Eco Explorations, I never dreamed of actually seeing the critically endangered Tamaraws in person, and thought that they would forever be limited to pictures in textbooks or postcards. But after the 3 day trip, I now have a much deeper understanding and care for the tamaraws, their habitat (which has breathtaking views of mountain ranges), and the rangers that have dedicated their life's work to their protection and conservation. Spending time hiking, eating, and conversing with the Tamaraw Conservation Program rangers was honestly very life-changing and enjoyable, and the trip would have been much lesser without them as our guides. I recommend this trip to anyone that needs a temporary detachment from busy everyday city life, and for those that need a reminder of why we need to do our part in protecting the world and the species that inhabit it beyond just oursleves at all costs.
    Written 26 February 2020
    This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.
  • Vagenende
    NYC134 contributions
    The resort - I will review separately. I loved it. So simple, nice, and restful.
    The group managing the water sports. A bit more complex. I think the location is splendid for kite surfing. We were there at the very tail end of a typhoon, winds were strong. A windsurfer was having a hard time (strong currents, blind wind spot inshore of the reef). But the kite surfers – were achieving amazing jumps and fabulous runs. A great place for the sport – with a back up location down the beach at Saud when there is no wind here (with transport).
    My concerns are with the health and safety aspects. One evening, reading my book at some distance from the main takeoff and landing zone, I watched five different Kite surfers coming in with difficulties. The strong current brought them down to my end of the beach. I heard a Frenchman mention to one of the working team that someone needed help (appeared to be dragged without a board) - nothing was undertaken. Another guest let someone else know he had found and saved their Board. Two other guests helped a person come to shore and capture their kite - no one else was there to help, wind was gusting balefully. I tried to help someone - and a young guest ran to help me, realizing I had no clue what I was doing. One person's kite went off, and a rescue mission was mounted for the kite - he had been told to release it for his own safety, but no one helped him when he and the kite exhausted made it to shore. The kite then went off. It was eventually found quite far down the Coast. Chaos. The guy running the place (Born in the Phillippines, from Hawaii, Polynesian) was anything but client friendly or oriented – if you were experienced, unafraid, ready to rent – cool. The local helper did not do much with his own initiative. The Polish gentleman seemed to be very can do.
    As a resilience and disaster planner – none of this was truly necessary – my sense was that the guys working there wanted to be out on the water. There was a lack of planning, a lack of teamwork, a lack of commitment to client safety. The guest and renting kitesurfers helped one another out most of the time rather than anticipate help from the people who rented them the equipment. Very different from my experiences in the Indian Ocean along the African Coast.
    More than one person found the kite safety ropes and harnesses to be incorrectly joined - please check it all out for yourself if you are there. Find out about a receipt when you book/rent equipment. The resort will give you one for the kite surfing even though they seem to be separate entities sharing the area. It is hard to get one from the kite surfing team.
    For full disclosure: the first day, lying on the beach, with several others, in front of the resort, near the deck chairs, I was hit on the head by a metal ring from a kite. It hurt a lot. I iced it for 3 hours and had no ill effects. No one involved with the kites showed any concern (the folk at Kingfisher resort who did offer to take me to hospital, I did not feel the need to go). I think being hit on the head made me more observant than I may otherwise have been – did not want a repeat accident!
    The swings by the beach bar – do not sit on them wet! They are slanted and very slippery. Several people slipped off them, hurting themselves on the cement step below (which adds to the risk). A layer of abrasive material to help stay on the swing may be useful.
    Not sure who manages these items: The swimming pool – there are a lot of rules around it, pay attention to them! Just be careful. The obsidian sides are at an angle (not evident when the pool is very full). It is very easy to slip and hurt yourself. There are signs everywhere – but nothing around the pool to protect it from children who do not read signs. There are also cords associated with the Volley Ball net and the slip line (For walking on) which are hard to see in the penumbra and invite people to trip (I did not – was being very careful by then).
    Final Observation: I love being in a place where you can test yourself out, without all the rules and laws to stop you from pushing to the limit. On the other – not everyone is smart, and many clients need more hand holding to enjoy themselves than they seem to be willing to give here. Know who you are, and take steps to enjoy yourself here fully, accordingly.
    Written 15 January 2019
    This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.
  • Dave Greene
    14 contributions
    Found this on Facebook and really recommend this to anyone looking for a great fun day with incredible scenery.
    Each person is in an inflatable kayak with a guide, the river is clean with several great safe rapids and incredible views.
    Price includes transportation from Tarlac city to pick up the guides and kayaks, transportation to the drop off, guided kayak trip, lunch after and transportation back to Tarlac city. We paid $2000pesos each because it was just 2 of us. We tipped the guides but none of them asked for anything.
    We took bus to Tarlac from Manila, about 2 hours, very easy, all the buses going north go through |Tarlac, We arranged it by phone/sms with Connie, see the Rapid Streams facebook page. You will need a local cell phone to set things up. We stayed over in Tarlac and took the bus back to Manila the next day but it could be done in one long day.
    Written 15 December 2015
    This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.
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