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Animalia Aswan
One of the best museums in Egypt
Tucked away on Elephantine Island, across from the bustle of downtown Aswan, Fatma's Airbnb and her father Mohammed Sobhi's delightful Nubian museum is a breath of freshness after the usual chaos that you come to...
Karnak Open Air Museum Luxor
One of the greatest temple ever built by Egyptian kings ,and considered in my opinion as most beautiful open air museums in the whole world, you would see the creation of civilization which makes Egypt really is t...
This site is huge - the museum is vast and it seems as though you can just wander anywhere - too much to see, too little time to see it!!!
2 Ways to experience it
Luxor Museum Luxor
... in the basement of the temple of Luxor, One of the best displays of Antiquities in Egypt, Housed within a modern building, this is one of the most rewarding sights in Luxor and one of the best museums in Egypt!
You may feel you've seen enough Egyptian Museums, but this one in Luxor is a gem.
19 Ways to experience it
Bibliotheca Alexandrina Alexandria
it is definitely a Must see vast complex of three buildings; library, conference center and planetarium (Imax) 4 Museums, 14 art permanent exhibitions, and temporary art galleries Culturama (Cultural panoramic sho...
There are a number of excellent museums inside the museum, including the antiquities collection that gives a great collection from Pharonic times to Coptic.
56 Ways to experience it
Gayer-Anderson Museum (Bayt al-Kiritliya) Cairo
If you like house museums, you will love this one.
We had so much fun that day we visited the mosque and the museum together and climbed the ma'azana and the view was great The museum is well organized and I guarantee you'll like it
4 Ways to experience it
Solar Boat Museum Giza
It is great to visit Giza pyramids, but try also to visit Cheops boat museum, it is near Cheops pyramid, wiith additional ticket
If you think about the wooden boat on display was once buried deep in the Giza sand and now is wonderfully showcased in this well done museum in the shadows of the pyramids, you would think it is amazing too.
10 Ways to experience it
Nubian Museum Aswan
Opened in 1997, the Nubian Museum is one of the finest small archaeological museums you will find anywhere.
If you have visited other Egyptian museums you will be very impressed, the best one I've been to in Egypt by far.
5 Ways to experience it
The Grand Egyptian Museum Giza
Best time to visit the museums is early in the morning, as you can have more time to explore the various sections of the museum and appreciate the history of ancient Egypt through the various New, Middle and Later...
It’s the home of absolutely staggering collection of antiquities making it one of the World’s great museums.
133 Ways to experience it
Royal Jewelry Museum Alexandria
One of the best museums in Alexandria showing the jewelry of the royal family: Mohamed Aly, King Farouk, Princess Fawzeya... Amazing!
Beside the architectural magnification, the paradisiacal garden, the amazing statuary, amazing paintings, and the particular colourful glass .. The museum hosts a very special and exuberant collection of royal jew...
Egyptian Antiquities Museum Cairo
The Egyptian Antiquities Museum is one of the great museums of the world because it houses one of the rarest collection of human-made artifacts in the world.
Built in 1835, it is one of the best museums in the world, hosting extensive and amazing Egyptian Pharaonic antiquities and mummies!
270 Ways to experience it
The Coptic Museum Cairo
Highly recommended if you are into museums.
A beautifully curated museum of the material culture and history of Coptic Egypt and Cairo, with an extraordinarily comprehensive and extensive collection of artifacts, from textiles to frescos, and, seemingly, a...
17 Ways to experience it
Museum of Islamic Arts Cairo
This museum is one of the rear museums of the world , you can find the meaning of Islamic arts , somthing you will keep thinking of it for a long time
One of the great museums to see of Islamic Art.
1 Way to experience it
Alexandria National Museum Alexandria
The Alexandria National Museum is considered one of Egypt's finest museums.
This is by far the most favourite museum to me in Alexandria.. it has a lot of artifacts which is Amazing and interesting :) make sure to see it it will worth ur time :)
20 Ways to experience it
Sand City Hurghada
I loved visiting this museum and enjoyed watching and knowing about the life of leaders and heroes participate in making the history of the world.
Absolutely amazing Sound City Museum
Memphis Museum Cairo
Memphis city like opening museum in air this place the first capital in world and oldest city in history and amazing part inside the alabaster sphinx and huge statue ramses second .
The memphis museum is quite small, but it contains two huge, spectacular and beautiful statues of Ramses II and the rare alabaster Sphinx.
16 Ways to experience it
Manial Palace Museum Cairo
every stone had been built with a passion and the landscape is eye catching , the furniture and decoration is great pleasure to look at them , and the museum of animal mummies is so beautiful , i would recommend v...
... you may see the main villa (not all are open to public) to admire the finesse of the workmanship, gold and marble (mostly came from Turkey).. Arms museum is a reflection of the Mohammed Ali's hunting hobby.
2 Ways to experience it
King Tut Museum Sharm El Sheikh
I had the chance to be guided by the artist who worked on the replicas of King Tut's mummy, sarcophagi and treasures when I visited the museum.
1 Way to experience it
Egypt Papyrus Museum Giza
The art of creating a papyrus is magnificent..... this museum houses all papyrus paintings and is sooooo colourful and vibrant that... it will leave you completely admirable.... the souveniers are quite expensive...
The Papyrus Museum, also known as the Dr. Hassan Rajab Institute for the Papyrus, has an impressive collection of papyrus ...
1 Way to experience it
El Kobba El Samaweya Alexandria
Bahariya (Bahereya) Oasis Bawiti
13 Ways to experience it
El Alamein War Museum El Alamein
The Commonwealth Cemetery is located a very short distance away to the South-East of the museum.
An interesting Museum
12 Ways to experience it
Caravanserai Luxor
Abdeen Palace Museum Cairo
There are actually five museums on the compound, but the largest is the Arms Museum (Military Museum), with a great collection of swords, firearms, and others weapons, some highly decorative, some more utilitarian.
There are various buildings with a number of smaller museums - the Artillery Rooms with extensive, historic weapons collections (wait until you see the gigantic "Swiss Army Knife"!!), swords and knives with precio...
2 Ways to experience it
Sondos Papyrus Giza
Imhotep Museum Saqqara
Some of the best remaining hieroglyphics that you can experience outside of the museums.
named after the cheif engineer of the stepped pyramid of Djoser..this museum contains items from excavations in the area..u have to pay 100 LE to use a camera inside the musuem..contains items from different era.....
5 Ways to experience it
Sharm Papyrus Museum Sharm El Sheikh
Bayt Al-Suhaymi Cairo
Imhotep Alabaster Luxor Luxor
Fantastic workshop where you can find huge choice of art pieces copies perfectly done as a museum , you can see also alabaster workers doing alabaster pieces .... Owner and manager are lovely , warm welcoming you...
Fabulous - like a museum!
1 Way to experience it
Shop Sandouk Luxor
Oum El Dounia Gallery Cairo