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one of the best museums to visit all over Iran, it is really a dive into the traditional musical instruments of this region with echoes from India to Turkey, fantastic!
Music museums are everywhere, but Isfahan Music Museum is one of the most interactive and unforgettable ones I have visited.
it is one of the best museums in iran , old jewelry from nations shows iran empire as the oldest and excellent .
There are so many big and small museums around the city to visit and learn about the history.
Vank Cathedral Esfahan
Compering to other museums that I've visited in Iran this is one of the best.
Exceptional mosaics and painting inside the church and a museum filled with amazing artifacts and insights into the history of Armenians inside Iran.
A combination of palaces and museums, beautiful works of art including the Marble Throne, Karim Khani Nook, Brilliant Hall, Containers Hall , Ivory Hall, etc.
Different types of buildings & architecture, materials, museums & galleries.
The last time I visited Sa'adabad Palace was a snowy day making this huge complex including different palaces, museums, and galleries with spectacular gardens and giant trees like a fairy tale :x As long as the ar...
Museums including different art museums, automobiles, water, war, photos etc museums.
Located at the heart of Tehran and close to other museums, this is a great place to see an old villa and plenty of antique jewelry and glassware.
One of the most interesting museums in Tehran
Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art established in 1977 is among the largest museums in Iran.
A wonderful Contemporary ART Museum in Middle East Memorable architecture Superb Art Masterpiece amphitheater & Cafe
My tour was to take me to a variety of predictable museums and I did enjoy the National Museum.
As this collection was relatively small and extremely high-quality, this was truly one of our favorite museum experiences in all of Iran - helped enormously by the knowledge of our excellent hired guides.
One of the best museums in the city!
Atmosphere of the museum is wonderful, garden with pond full of lotus, coffees hop with a view of pool, full of relaxation.
You must visit this museums for several reasons.
Located in a restored mansion with a visible qanat running underneath, the museum offers its visitors a fascinating glimpse into the hidden world of qanats through a series of photographs, exhibits and architectur...
The photography are incredible, so lively, At the end there is a map of the museum and its surroundings , it also recommends other museums to visit, if you need to travel by an underground metro, it states the sub...
I have been to all world famous museums - from Liuvre to Hermitage to MOMA in New York...and this museum (or better say both museums) are world class museums!
one of the most amazing museums of Tehran,the capital.
Exquisite Persian carpets in a beautiful museum with unique and extraordinary work of the artists with the creative and unique elegance in the world and let your eyes caress your time
Beautiful Mansion and museum!..in there you can see the amazing design from almost 40 years ago for a royal mansion...also the amazing garden and yard which used to be a place for holding wedding ceremony for army...
It contains a former royal mansion, a historical weapons museum, and a Persian garden that is one of the oldest gardens in Shiraz, all open to the public.
can see different museums and bazzars here,which have really nice tile workings and really beautiful ceilings.museums of coin , bath , eco-museum ,carvanseray also traditional copper and patteh art workings of ker...
are some of restaurants & many shopping centers for trade.I recommended to who travel to kerman,should visit ganjali khan complex which is alive and very big museum.
Cinema Museum Tehran
The Iranian cinema museum is one of the museums in Tehran province located in the garden of Ferdows.
The museum is housed in a lovingly restored 19th-century mansion set in a lovely, quiet park in north Tehran that doubles as a lively retreat for the city's young arts community, who congregate at the popular coff...
My favourite military museums previously were in Moscow, but this one is newer and therefore uses great modern technology to illustrate everything.
I spend many hours there and it was one of my most impressive museums visit ever.
... we were looking for a guidance to tour us around Yazd in order to visit some Zoroastrian sights (Chak Chak etc) and found Mahsa, a super kind and intelligent, zoroastrian tour guide at the office of the museum.
A zoroastrians orphanage for many years ago Its a big and biautiful building with many symbol of the cypress tree In the big basement there is a nice museum of cultures and arts of zoroastrians.
This is truly one of the most interesting museums we have visited in Iran.
Puppet and Toy Museum of Iran, Kashan is one of nice Museum when you go to Puppet and Toy Museum of Iran, Kashan can spend a good time there and see a different kind of puppet and toys there.
During our trip through Western Iran we saw very few museums; but this was unmissable.
This museum has a great selection of artefacts which are well curated and laid out.
two museums .
that was here Gajar King hostel after many years here changed for first University of Fine Arts now days here use for art gallery museum after u visit garden u can take coffee at Negarestan cafe
you will see very well kept historic building with great Iranian Architecture as well as being in a pleasant museum with lots of great artifacts and personal belongings of Amir Nezam (a wealthy and highly cultured...
Beautiful museum with lovely historical artifacts.
A very well kept beautiful palace and ivory museum.
Ramsar King's Palace Museum
This beautifully restored museum of hammams sports exhibits a set of costumed mannequins that help to demonstrate the purpose of each part of the bathhouse.
This dome is one of the historical places in Kerman, and inside of it, has a museum.
It built from stone and now it is the Museum of stone.
Time Museum Tehran
The breakfast buffet is suitable for almost all kinds of tastes.The price is reasonable.The atmosphere is great.You can enjoy visiting the time museum after having your breakfast.
As the name "Time Museum" suggests, the museum houses a collection of old watches and clock.