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Naqshe Jahan Square(Shah Square)
Historic Sites, Points of Interest & Landmarks
Imam Reza Holy Shrine
Sacred & Religious Sites, Historic Sites
Tabatabei House
Architectural Buildings, Historic Sites, Points of Interest & Landmarks
Jame Mosque of Yazd
Sacred & Religious Sites, Historic Sites, Points of Interest & Landmarks
Ancient Ruins, Points of Interest & Landmarks
Points of Interest & Landmarks
Points of Interest & Landmarks
Jamshidieh Stone Garden
Gardens, Points of Interest & Landmarks
Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque
Sacred & Religious Sites
Nasir al-Mulk Mosque
Sacred & Religious Sites
Shah Mosque
Sacred & Religious Sites
jame Mosque of Isfahan
Sacred & Religious Sites
Ancient Ruins
Taq Bostan
Points of Interest & Landmarks, Historic Sites, Ancient Ruins
Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse
Architectural Buildings, Points of Interest & Landmarks
Chehel Sotoun
Architectural Buildings, Castles, Historic Sites
Niavaran Palace Complex
Architectural Buildings, Historic Sites
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Persepolis Persepolis
Thx to our Guide, who was fluent in both english and farsi, my Family got excellent insights in the history of these remarkable sites of ancient persian history (tour guide contacts: Nazereh.Jamali@yahoo.com)
It is an awe-inspiring site and we were fortunate to have a guide with a good knowledge of the symbolism of the bas-relief wall carvings and statues.
Two hundred two-floored-chambers are connected to form four unique and adjoining historical sites: Sheikh Lotf Allah Mosque, Imam Mosque, Gate to Kaiseriyeh Bazaar (market), and Aali Qapou Palace (Kakh-e-Aali Qapou).
A World Heritage site and the most wonderful public space I have been in – as if the gardens of Versaille had been encircled by the souks of Morocco and the mosques of Syria, and opened to the public to wander, pi...
Imam reza holy shrine is the most important site in mashhad and a must see.
All the sights inspired and attractive moves in peace and harmony to towards God.
It's better you read a little about Isfahan and Islamic architectures and arts then go there and visit this masterpiece and find out why here is a UNESCO world heritage site.
This Mosque needs to be seen at different times of the day and night to appreciate all its splendour, including at sunrise when the view from Emam Square is excellent.
Chahkooh Qeshm
Chahkouh canyon has been mad by erosion through rainstorm water during the years, you can have a nice a different view in this canyon,there is two well that store rain water in inside, Some local people believe th...
Nice time in the afternoon before sunset :-) The site is just gorgeous with all its shapes and wells!
... morning you can see the sun shine through the colorful window glasses which gives you an spectacular view and a unique frame to take photos.In general it's a small but unique and beautiful mosque which is wort...
Colourful mosque offers you very unique view of mosques with lots of colours inside,but pay attention,you have to visit this place in the morning before 10am
Old Town Yazd
... has recently been registered on UNESCO is a perfect spot to go for a stroll and to get a feel for the region's rich history.Additionally,don't miss climbing the rooftops to get an amazing view of the wind towers.
... role in the nomination of the Historic City of Yazd, which also has a living tradition registered in the Masterpieces of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity, as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in its own right.
Shah Mosque Esfahan
Excellent view.
For me this is my favourite site in Esfahan and I still remember it from my last visit to the city 17 years ago.
Found just northeast of the main congregation of historical sights around Imam Square, this mosque is the result of continuous construction, renovation, additions, and reconstruction for over a millennia.
It's one of the few sites of Iran that contains different type os architectures from different eras.
Naqsh-e-Rostam Marvdasht
The site consists of a number of tombs carved into the cliff face, fabulous relief carvings, Zoroastrian towers of silence, and an enormous enigmatic cuboid building sunk into the earth.
One of Iran's must-visit sites
Kharanagh Yazd
Is great fun exploring the maze of rooms and walking on the rooves, although the latter is difficult for those lacking flexibility/mobility. Beautiful views into the valley below and mountains around.
It is abandoned and if you are lucky enough you’ll have it all for yourself to enjoy!! Get lost in the alleys and climb on the roofs of the old houses to get special angles for your view.
Best seen on a celebration night, this mosque cum mausoleum is one of the most important pilgrimage sites after the tomb of Imam Reza, the eighth Shia Imam, in Mashad.
You will need to ask for a tour guide to get in, and ladies will need to wear the coverings supplied, but all this is well worth seeing this amazing structure and soaking up the atmosphere in the holy site.
Tabiat Bridge Tehran
A magical place at dusk and early evening - very beautiful design giving the feeling of walking on air with quite the most beautiful views especially with the mountains as backdrop.
Creatively designed bridge, going from a modern park of man made monuments and restaurants to a more natural tree-packed park on the other side of a big highway, and with a breathtaking view of the metropolis and...
Khajou Bridge Esfahan
This bridge beside the other cultural and architectural buldings in Esfahan with its atmosphere, makes this city as a best and enjoyable point to view in Iran.
The mixture of ancient building with natural sights, especially when the river is alive, is stunning.
Wonderful to roam around the rooms to gain multiple stunning views.
This was rare as most sites I saw in the country (with the exception of Golestan Palace) focused on Iran’s older history and current events.
Nagsh-e Rostam Persepolis
Here you will find many graves, showing the best moments of persian history, like the Investiture of Ardashir I (probably the best preserved relief of the site) or the Triumph of Shapur I or the Investiture of Nar...
It is too easy to think that a five minute look is all that is needed but really, this is one of the great archaeological sites of the ancient world.
This mosque was originally founded in the 12th century and added to in the 14th and 15th centuries, the Jameh Mosque (aka Friday Mosque) stnads on the site of an ancient Zoroastrian fire temple.
Close to the old centre town, worth going to to view the amazing mosaic work.
Amazing landscapes, amazing view over the city, and an opportunity to discover the Zoroastrian religion and their customs.
We've learned so much from visiting the Zorastrian sites - I can highly recommend it for all those interested in religion, culture and history.
One of the best things about this mosque is that it makes it possible to visit one of the trickiest UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Iran, the underground Persian qanats.
the mosque was constructed in the site of the Sassanid fire temple It's free to visit They say that Iran has the tallest minaret
if you are visiting Tehran for the first time, take my advise and go there, its a mountain a very green kind of mountains, very beautiful weather and a perfect view, on Fridays and public holidays its very crowded...
Jamshidieh park is a beautiful park located in north of Tehran , you can enjoy taste of alborz mountains plus beauty of nature , good weather and nice view
The main sanctuary provides wonderful views back to the two turquoise minarets above the entrance portal.
Visitors need to purchase a ticket before entering the site.
Qavam House Shiraz
Ghavam house is one of historical landmark in Shiraz.Its a beautiful building with a magical garden.As it was full of Toranj trees so it is famous to "Narenjestan e Ghavam".There is a very mirror porch in main bui...
Beautiful place, great views, you can even dress up as a traditional persian princess and get printed photos.
Fantastic ancient Engineering unbelievable Structure from years and years ago” this place is a world cultural heritage site with beautiful landscape.
One of the suprises of our trip, was great just strolling around this site in the evening hearing the waterfalls and reading about the history of the different uses this site had throughout its history.
Vank Cathedral Esfahan
A unique historical site with unique architecture
At the museum, at the Vank Cathedral, you can view through a microscope, two strands of hair, each with a verse in Armenian taken from the Torah !!! Incredible !
The tiles and carvings are beautiful and the rooftop has an amazing view!
You will experience views of the city as well as interesting cupolas providing light into the bath itself.
Built by Shah Abbas I, it's a must see, with its paintings along the walls, the music hall on the last floor with unforgettable decorations, the magnificent view over the Imam square, especially at sunset, when th...
The great thing about this palace was the giant veranda overlooking the square which gives you great views and photo ops.
I live close by, and make it a weekly trip to see the sights and sounds of the whole area.
Also, don't forget to catch a view of the snow-capped mountains nearby.
Beautiful sights, nice traditional foods, Shishas, and a cute little houses, a crowded bazaar and kind locals (although they try to rip you off) what do you want more?
Beautiful and vibrant hillside village with great cookies and views
Darband Tehran
Exceptionally splendid view at the night, enjoying sound from natural - little waterfall from mountain, also recommend to walk along the vally and explore the restaurants.
Very nice views of mountains as well as enjoying fresh weather and causy traditional restaurants.
Shiraz Shiraz
Thirdly, you will have an amazing experience after visiting the fabulous religious sites of this city which are painted colorfully and make the people who visit the places mesmerized by the play of colors which ar...
you can visit bazaars, historical sites, museum, gardens, and tombs in this fantastic city in a small area.