Exciting Things to Do in Jerusalem for Thrill Seekers

THE 10 BEST Extreme Activities & Thrilling Things to Do in Jerusalem

Exciting Things to Do in Jerusalem for Thrill Seekers

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  • R B
    United States2 contributions
    5.0 of 5 bubbles
    Walking through history but watch your step. Prepare for the spring water to be cold. Bring a waterproof flashlight. Do not wear flip-flop or shoes that will come off while walking as you are walking through water from ankle to thigh depth. There are potholes where you could twists an ankle, this isn’t for those who have difficulty walking. There are narrows and areas that require sidesteping, bending and stooping. We will do it again.
    Written January 15, 2024
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  • KirillOussov
    Johannesburg, South Africa607 contributions
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    We found this place by luck. It is a natural untouched beach and pristine Dead Sea water. There are layers of mud covering the beach and you could cover your body with it, instead of using those mud packs from the shop.

    The water in the sea is much less salty than in the resorts, where the water is much thicker. It is also much cooler.

    The beaches on this side are wild and very stretched so you barely see anyone. So we bumped into a few nude people, who were having a mud treatment and swimming in the sea. So if this is your thing, you might consider coming here for that.

    On the caution side, there is a layer of self formed salt crystals in the mud in the sea, so be careful when you walk on the beach or in the water. After 5-10m from the coast line, the mud changes to sand.

    Lastly, the beach that I am referring to is located on the road from Jerusalem to the Dead Sea resorts, right after the police block. You will see a parking space on the right hand side.

    Please take note that there is quick sand in the area approximately 5 km from my reference point, so don't go too far.

    Enjoy it!
    Written June 17, 2017
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  • Andy Loug
    Москва, Россия294 contributions
    5.0 of 5 bubbles
    Big choice of local craft beer - both on taps and in bottles. Great kitchen as well, good location and nice people.
    Written March 17, 2023
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  • 4.0 of 5 bubbles
    * Nice hiking in the scenic Jerusalem hills- numerous trails
    * Close to the city
    Very popular with the local natives
    * Many options for enjoying nature, for picknicking for hiking for bicycling for camping and for playing
    * Visit terraced farming villages from 2000 years ago
    * Learn about ancient agricultural and architectural methods
    * Visit (and even enter) ancient caves and natural spring water pools

    * Can be crowded
    * Minimal- if any- public transportation access

    .... with four boys ages 5 to 14. It was hot and sunny- we started on the surround and circle Mount Strong hike, which is on a wide jeep road but it has total sun exposure. We didn't have the time nor supplies (and the boys didn't have the interest nor resilience) to complete the loop of more than two hours, so we did enjoy our adventure, but we turned back.... full disclosure- the same thing happened two other times in the past year- failed attempts with young charges.

    This is certainly a well-organized and well equipped and famous nature reserve. As such, it is a good holiday spot and a good place for hiking in nature, but not far from the city of Jerusalem. I certainly endorse and recommend a visit to here.
    Written October 2, 2022
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  • rohitmarathe
    Mumbai, India39 contributions
    5.0 of 5 bubbles
    Was part of multiple day tours with them starting with the Jaffa walking tour, Mount of Olives Tour, Holy City Tour, Gaza Reality Tour, Hebron Dual Narrative Tour, Best of West Bank Tour & Masada, Ein Gedi & Dead Sea - Sunrise Tour ... all from Jerusalem. Few more were planned, but, unfortunately, were cancelled in wake of the current scenario. They promptly refunded the amount for the cancelled tours!

    All tours were professionally conducted & they have great tour guides. Special mention of Shakhav (hope am spelling the name right) & Eliyahu McLean (passionate & insightful tours of Gaza & Hebron).

    Would love to cover the balance itinerary with them albeit at a more peaceful time. Lovely, helpful team. Wishing them courage & safety in the current times!
    Written October 16, 2023
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  • elynchav
    2 contributions
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    I went with my husband and two teenagers. We are considered "ultra-orthodox" and were comfortable with the entire experience. It was challenging but not frustratingly hard. The employees were respectful, friendly, and helpful. There were some scary aspects that added to the fun. We did the "Trapped" escape room. I would recommend leaving some time beforehand for finding parking and the location of the escape room.
    Written April 24, 2022
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  • git c
    2 contributions
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    We had the great good fortune to be introduced to Jeremy Collins by our cousins who toured Israel with him in the Spring of 2023. We contacted Jeremy in the Summer of 2023 to plan our trip in the first half of April 2024.

    Jeremy is a very popular guide for individuals, small groups and large. It is best to book his services well in advance. He guides the average person as well as some world-famous institutions, University groups and VIPs. To that end, we booked his availability almost 9 months in advance.

    We made 3 requests of Jeremy initially. One of the two of us is legally blind but defiantly mobile, often to the discomfort of the environment. The other is reluctant to drive rented cars in a new country, and we were planning to see a lot more of Israel outside of Jerusalem so asked that he kindly condense as much as possible within a 2–3-day window for Jerusalem in a way that addressed the needs of the history buff as well as the mobility-challenged.

    After understanding our mobility constraints and the breadth and scope of how much of Israel we wanted to see in 2 weeks, Jeremy suggested various hotels across Israel and itineraries and made excellent recommendations for hotels and events and helped us navigate reservations and bookings.The depth and variety of his suggestions complimented our own wish lists.

    The events of October 7th, 2023 in the weeks that followed injected uncertainty into our ability to travel. Airlines stopped services, government-imposed restrictions and local hotels started accommodating the internally displaced while adjusting the services they would be able to provide tourists. Several areas in Northern Israel that we’d wanted to visit became inaccessible on an unpredictable basis.

    As later actual experience would show, his guidance and management of our entire 2 week pan-Israel stay overcame mobility restrictions, food preferences, religious holidays, wartime constraints, hotel availabilities, language barriers and transportation bottlenecks unique to Israel’s highway system seamlessly. Jeremy was always mindful of the political and social environment and temperament and he kept us well informed, comfortable and safe. We delegated a lot of the decision making to Jeremy and it was one of the best decisions we made.

    As the wartime situation clarified what was possible and what had to be ruled out a few weeks before arrival, Jeremy rearranged alternate hotel reservations and arranged 2 guides for specific geographies we wished to see.

    We spent more days in Jerusalem enabling a deeper understanding of each neighborhood, the markets, each religious site and many unique restaurants that don’t normally make the cut for tourists.

    As well as several days walking Jerusalem. Jeremy took us to the Dead Sea, to Masada, to Mitzpe Rimon, the Rothschild Gardens, Ben Gurion's home in the Desert, Magdala and more.

    One of the two guides Jeremy set us up with covered Northern Israel from Tiberius with day trips to Caesaria, Haifa, Nazareth, the B'hai gardens a kibbutz and a crusader castle overlooking the agricultural heart of Jordan that is fed water from Israel. We were taken to important churches in the area with a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee. We learned how the water system works and we were taken to the border with Jordan. We visited a kibbutz for lunch one day, and lunch in an amazing restaurant in the Druze community on day two.

    Our guide in Tel Aviv and Jaffa took us on 2 full days of walking tours of both. She showed us the Tel Aviv of the insider with curio shops and smoothie bars and graffiti art museums and much more. We learned of the founding of both cities and how the borders between them have grown closer and closer finally merging.

    Jeremy stayed in touch with each guide during our time with them to make sure we were not facing any issues, but most respectfully delegated all guiding tasks to those two experts. His choice of supporting colleagues is another reflection on Jeremy's professional excellence as everyone's knowledge of the history and past and present context of the sites we visited was detailed and comprehensive.

    Jeremy has encyclopedic knowledge, and he brings to his craft a very important skill: The ability to deftly and diplomatically bridge the complex history and modern geo-politics of Israel without bias.

    We felt we were seeing Israel not as a tourist would in a canned prepackaged arrangement, but rather as a dynamic family partaking in the local delights.

    This visit will wind up in our personal history books as one of the best ever thanks to his effort on our behalf.

    Going to Israel was our conscious choice. Our visit to Israel was immeasurably enhanced by the choices Jeremy made for us.

    We therefore strongly, enthusiastically and without reservation recommend recruiting Jeremy in any capacity he suggests would best suit your circumstances.
    Written April 23, 2024
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  • Yulia L
    1 contribution
    5.0 of 5 bubbles
    We used Yoav Rotem service for our family of 4 in December 2023 and were very happy with his 3 days private tour of old city of Jerusalem, Masada and Dead Sea, and unique farm to table food tour were we picked vegetables ourselves from local garden and had local chef prepared it for us.
    Yoav used maps and other visual aids to explain geographical, geolocation of Jerusalem and Masada in different era.
    He made his tours interactive and fun for my teen boys which was very important to us. Yoav is super knowledgeable and has a sense of humor.
    He knew places to go/ try local food / and buy souvenirs that only locals would know. We tried amazing falafel in old Jerusalem.
    Yoav went above and beyond what we were expected.
    As a travel agent myself I highly recommend his service either it’s a family or group.
    Written January 2, 2024
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  • Dennis P
    St. George, UT6 contributions
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    We started to plan a trip from Southern Utah to the Holyland around February 2024 with plans to visit in late May 2024. A few years ago our family cut the cord and decided most of what is on TV is intended to stir reactions and fear. We knew about the situation in Israel, but I placed more reliability on actual conversations I had with several people on the ground.

    I talked to Daniel extensively on the phone, I talked to the front-desk people at the New Imperial Hotel which is where we stayed in the Old City. I also talked to the Abbot of a monastery we planned to visit in LOD/Lydda Israel. The Abbot has no commercial interest in our family visit or reasons to mislead us. If anything he would advise against visiting if there were safety concerns, especially with my wife, 10 year old son and 8 year old daughter who has severe autism.

    My overall impression from all of my conversations I had, spanning over several months, was that day to day life in Jerusalem is very safe and hasn't changed with the exception of the lack of tourists and pilgrims.

    This lack of tourists and pilgrims provided what I feel is a window of opportunity to experience the Holy Land in a stress-free, peaceful manner that overwhelms the spirit in ways I can't describe. Imagine being able to spend an hour at the birthplace of Jesus Christ at the Church of the Nativity with no wait and no one behind you agitated that you are taking too long. My daughter went in and out of the Holy Sepluchre, probably 7 times. One of the 7 times, she was escorted into Christ's Tomb by this tiny elder nun that was shining with the Grace and Humility that is not of this earth. A true angel that also took my daughter to receive a special blessing from the Bishop after Sunday Liturgy. This all coinciding on the same day as the feast of the Paralytic.

    Daniel took us to Bethlehem in a very nice luxurious limo van with great air conditioning. Because Daniel speaks fluent Hebrew and Arabic, and the vehicle has the white Isreali license plates, we had zero delays at the checkpoints. I believe there were only 2 cars ahead of us exiting out of the West Bank. I think it only took us 10 minutes to get past the checkpoint.

    The church of the nativity was empty, however there was a service taking place by an Armenian Orthodox Bishop and 9 priests in the underground cove of Jesus Christ's birth. Daniel knew one of the preists and we were able to attend part of the service. That in itself was amazing. We left to visit some other sites e.g. Shephards Cave and came back an hour later after the service was over and we had private time inside the cove. I think we spent maybe 30 minutes alone inside. The priest who has served at that church for over 50+ years was there and he gave our family a blessing.

    Daniel knew many people in and around the nativity church. We also visited a wood carving store in Bethlehem where Daniel knew the owners. We had a nice coffee and purchased a few items to bring back with us.

    We wanted to go to Mary Magdalene ROCOR church so Daniel took us there. Its always locked but my wife ringed the door bell and a nun let us in. Proper dress including head covering for women is important in some places. This was one of them. This church during normal times is almost impossible to visit and we were blessed to see it from the inside. The church was built in the late 1800s. They have the bodies of two of the new martyrs of Russia Saint Elizabeth and Saint Barbara in glass caskets along with relics of Mary Magdalene.

    We visited Mount of Olives, we visited the Garden of Gethsemene and the Catholic Church containing the rock where Jesus prayed before he was arrested.

    We went to the room of the last supper, we went to the church of Dormition. It was completely empty. We did all this one day because of excellent planning.

    If I had to do it all over again I probably would do a two day tour vs. the one day tour we did, because during these times you can visit many sites in a day. This allows you want to maximize the unique circumstances in Israel and see as many sites as possible.

    We stayed inside the Old City at the New Jerusalem Hotel. I would highly recommend it because you can walk to many holy sites inside the Old City including the Holy Sepluchre.

    I would also recommend walking over to Saint Mark's which is in the Jewish Quarter. They have what might be the oldest icon of Virgin Mary and Baby Jesus which was painted by Saint Luke. This is a Syriac Orthodox Church and we just happened to visit while they had a visit from a loal tour group. We spent maybe an hour with the Deacon assigned to the church, he gave our family blessings and holy oil. During the tour we visited downstairs which is Saint Mark's Mother's home which is where Jesus and Apostles met several times. The deacon sang the Lord's Prayer in Aramaic.

    As a family we feel blessed that our Lord Jesus Christ as well as his Mother "Theotokos" invited us to visit his home and then delivered us safely back to our home in southern Utah. The holy land is full of angels walking the streets of Jerusalem and Bethlehem. We experienced it first hand.

    Don't be afraid to go. Stay inside the Old City if you can, dress appropriately, chart out the sites you want to see and for sites too far to walk coordinate with Daniel for a one or multi-day tour.

    Our overall trip was 6 days which was the perfect amount for us. I think the hardest part was the flights to get there. Originally we had a non-stop flight from Montreal to Tel-Aviv and then Air Canada stopped flying direct so we had to make an extra stop in Zurich.
    Written May 30, 2024
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  • Journey25652132491
    1 contribution
    5.0 of 5 bubbles
    Best easy rider! True to its name, it’s easy to ride—you can stand or sit while riding. It comes with a pouch to keep your belongings in, and they provide water during the ride. The staff was professional and patient, answering any questions about using the vehicle. Shoutout to Amichai, Doron, and Noa for being the best!

    On the ride, we saw views of the old city, traveled on the beautiful Jerusalem stone, went through picturesque parks, and saw a windmill. This was part of our Birthright trip with a large group. I highly recommend it and would definitely go again. It’s a fun activity for friends, birthdays, or any celebration, making your Israel trip awesome! It's a comfortable and exhilarating way to see the city.
    Written June 9, 2024
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  • Troy-Travelers1
    13 contributions
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    Gil is an outstanding guide and we are so happy to have worked with him on our recent tour. He was incredibly helpful in planning our itinerary and arranged every detail of our arrival, transports and accommodations. Gil has a deep knowledge about the history of the country and his commentary about the places we saw together was invaluable. We learned so much from him along the way and really enjoyed his company, his sincerity and his kindness.

    If you ever have the opportunity to visit Israel, we would absolutely recommend Gil as your guide - he is the best!
    Written December 4, 2023
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  • Pedro S
    1 contribution
    5.0 of 5 bubbles
    Aviv is very knowledgeable and passionate about what he does, and makes history come alive. My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed our time in Israel. Highly recommend him!
    Written May 30, 2024
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  • Alexander K
    1 contribution
    5.0 of 5 bubbles
    Gil is an amazing tour guide. He weaves history and geopolitics together seamlessly to help you understand the importance and uniqueness of Jerusalem. He is extremely friendly and seemed to know everyone on our walking route. A wonderful way to spend a few hours. He made my first visit to Israel a very memorable one.
    Written May 2, 2024
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  • travelgurudoctor
    Montreal, Canada170 contributions
    5.0 of 5 bubbles
    This was our third experience with Israel Maven Tours and that alone says a lot.
    They can arrange anything you wish and offer a wide variety of experiences, some of which are quite unique.
    Kudos to David Abraham who was simply fantastic ! He took care of every detail in a prompt, efficient and excellent fashion. He responded to emails instantly, no matter what hour of the day. He truly is a gentleman and a professional.
    This outfit is highly recommended for anyone who visits Israel for the first time or the tenth time - and to get the most out of your visit to Israel, they are indispensable.
    Written June 6, 2024
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  • Sharon N
    1 contribution
    5.0 of 5 bubbles
    We had an incredible experience touring Jerusalem with Shuki. His friendly demeanor and extensive knowledge made the tour both enjoyable and enlightening. It was clear he's deeply passionate about the city, and his enthusiasm was contagious. We highly recommend him for anyone looking to explore Jerusalem with a knowledgeable and engaging guide.
    Written April 5, 2024
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