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Hagia Sophia Museum / Church (Ayasofya) Istanbul
Here is the list of museums where you can use your pass: Hagia Sophia Museum, Topkapı Palace Museum, Istanbul Archaeology Museum, Istanbul Mosaic Museum, Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts, Museum for the History...
For 85TL you can buy the 5day Museum Pass Istanbul that gets you priority entry to the Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, İstanbul Archaeological Museums, İstanbul Mosaic Museum, Museum of Turkish and İslamic Arts, Mus...
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Topkapi Palace Istanbul
A must visit in Istanbul for various reasons be it a Beautiful Palace of Ottoman Empire, Beautiful Lush Gardens or different Museums special the Islamic History which included amazing collection of Islamic History...
You can purchase the pass online or at the museum pass counter in one of the less crowded museums close to Topkapi Palace, such as Istanbul Archaeology Museum or Museum of Turkish and Islamic Art.
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Ural Ataman Classic Car Museum Istanbul
It was just dreamy:) I haven’t seen a lot of classical car museums to be honest, but this one is so amazing.
One of the best museums I have ever visited.
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Ataturk Mausoleum Ankara
There are also museums inside the premises other than the Mausoleum where you can learn about the Turkish history, especially about the Turkish war of independence.
In addition to the tomb, there are also museums in the area, as well as an underground museum to view Ataturk's life and accomplishments.
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Zeugma Mozaik Muzesi Gaziantep
Zeugma in a distinguished position among similar antique sites in Anatolia.One of these is the style in the sculpture and teliefs.Samples of this uniqe style can be seen at many museums around Turkey the world.
The Zeugma museum is the biggest mosaic museum on earth... From the entrance to each hall and the way the mosaics are presented is beatifully planned and amazing.
Rahmi M. Koc Museum Istanbul
Unlike other private museums, this museum is very affordable (entrance fee is 16TL for adults, free for children under 6 y.o.) additional attractions and cafes inside are also Very affordable.
Compared to Blue Mosque district, where many of Istanbul's historical beauties rest, and Taksim etc where nightlife and shopping places exist, one may hesitate to stop by Koç Museum that is a little bit off the tr...
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Sanliurfa Archeology and Mosaic Museum Sanliurfa
One ticket for both museums: in a wonderful new building, the archeology museum has many rooms dedicated to the pre-history (Göbeklitepe) and historical periods (Mesopotamia and Greek); the mosaic museum is also i...
Excellent museums if you are passionate about world and local history
Anadolu Medeniyetleri Muzesi Ankara
Ephesus and Topkapi museums are visited by millions but you could learn much more valuable stuff if you visit Anatolian Civilizations Museum in Ankara.
The must see museum in Ankara, and one of the best archaeological museums ever.
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Rahmi M. Koc Muzesi Ankara
You may be rich But there are lots of rich in the world Rahmi Koc is unique with his museums from others when you visit them you will understand me
The Koc Museum displays technology and cultural items from the last century in a beautifully laid out relaxed format.
Key Museum Izmir
The best restored cars to their original condition to my opinion, as I have seen a lot of car museums in the world.
Spectacular museum, fantastic modern building with a stunning collection of perfectly kept cars/motorbikes and many other beautiful piece, make sure you go
Afrodisias Museum Karacasu
You could spend all day in the museums if you looked and read everything, but you also have the ancient site next door to visit which is where all the statues etc. were painstakingly made, lost and recovered on th...
Because of the fact it was build, lost and discovered on that very same spot, makes it more alive, than when you see it in European museums.
Beyazid II Kulliyesi Health Museum Edirne
This is one of the best museums I have visited.
The museum offers an amazing insight into th3 development of medicine with beautiful exhibits and well informed history in each room .
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Antakya Archaeological Museum Antakya
It is one of the best Museums in Europe both as the rich history/content and the structure/way of communicating to the audience is superb!!!
Antakya Archaeological Museum is a huge museum where you can find many historical items and great mosaic.
Rahmi Koc Museum Balikesir
Antalya Muzesi Antalya
I have been most of archeological museums in Turkey but I can tell easily that this museum mesmerize you with archeological founds, most of them from west to east of Mediterranean civilizations, such as Lycia, Pam...
One of a number of amazing museums in Turkey - an extensive archaeological collection through the millennia, with an emphasis on Roman sculptures and sarcophagi.
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Sakip Sabanci Museum Istanbul
One of Istanbul’s newest and most interesting private museums, the Sabanci boasts a definitive collection of Turkish early modern art as well as five centuries of calligraphy in an old Ottoman mansion and an avant...
Sakıp Sabancı Museum is one of Istanbul's private fine-art museums.
Zelve Open Air Museum Nevsehir
All the museums and monuments in the whole Cappadocia region are so well presented - in their natural state or restored through UNESCO.
Zelve is one of three open air museums and is truly spectacular.
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Arkas Art Center Izmir
The bilingual info charts, the selected art pieces from world's renowned museums including Louvre, British Museum, the building itself is perfect.
The exhibited items come from the Arkas private collection as well as from other European galleries, museums, etc. (have spotted some from the Louvre, Bibliotheque National, etc.).
Cappadocia Art & History Museum Urgup
Cappadocia Art and History Museum is full of history and information for visitors to enjoy a must see.
All history based on dolls; ottoman empires, sultans ... Most of Dolls are handmade by owner of museum Miss Sibel.
Heritage Nomadic Art Gallery Istanbul
Ephesus Museum Selcuk
The gift shop is a level above what you usually find in Greek/Turkish museums generally.
One of the largest open air museums
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Yilmaz Buyukersen Balmumu Heykeller Muzesi Eskisehir
This is a great museum for children where they can learn about contemporary Turkish history, culture, art, science and sports.
The museum contains over 200 figures, mostly related to Turkish history, culture, politics, journalism, economics, education and entertainment.
Erimtan Arkeoloji ve Sanat Muzesi Ankara
We've seen other archeology museums in this part of the world and, yes, there are a lot of duplication.
It is a private museum including very valuable collections from Roman life, feast symposiums, funeral goods, olden ring stones and seals.
Mevlana Museum Konya
I have visited many museums around the world but this one is amazing.
... with very nice sculptures in the entrance, a holy shrine, silence and a divine atmosphere, you see first the tomb of Mevlana Rumi, the philosophe and poet; a million pilgrims or tourists visit the nice museum.
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Borusan Contemporary Istanbul
The cafe/ restaurant is also lovely, with an amazing view and great food- such a gem of a museum!!
A very special contemporary art museum.
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Istanbul Toy Museum Istanbul
Yes, a lot of locals bring their kids to the museum but I have also seen lots of tourists and adults; it's simply a joy to see the toys ranging from dolls to aeroplanes to military items to trains and other memora...
It is one of the best private museum in Istanbul.
Guray Museum Avanos
Walking through the lovely tunnels of museum pieces, having coffee beside a fireplace and visiting the atelier made this museum visit unforgettable.
The museum has a historic side which is very well preserved and worth seeing and a modern artwork side which also displays beautiful ceramic pieces.
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Zeki Muren Arts Museum Bodrum City
Zeki Müren Museum in Bodrum Located on Zeki Müren Street The house, where the famous Turkish singer and composer Zeki Müren lived during his stay in Bodrum, was turned into a museum.
Zeki Muren Arts Museum / Bodrum
Archeological Museum Burdur
In summer 2009, the monumental portrait heads of Hadrian and Marcus Aurelius, found during the 2007/2008 excavations, were installed in the museum.
This is a very well organised, very informative museum.
Hatay Arkeoloji Muzesi Antakya
If people of the world would know about this museum ther would be a huge ques of visitors waiting for their line starting from airport.. definetly must be in your bucket list before you die
The museum offers a nice and comfortable visit.