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Emanuel Vigeland Museum
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Munch Museum
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Viking Ship Museum
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The Kon-Tiki Museum
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Fram Polar Ship Museum
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The Norwegian Museum of Cultural History
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#1 of 106 Museums in Oslo
Of all the palaces and art museums visited on my recent Baltic cruise the park and the incredible sculptures were the highlight of my trip.
It includes entry into all the museums (about 100 Kroner each so around £9) and includes the entire public transport network including the ferries.
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#2 of 106 Museums in Oslo
This was among the best museums we have ever visited as a family, The history and the preservation effort is simply outstanding and a great tribute to the explorers.
One of the most exciting and interesting museums .. really really good., one must visit..the ships history and pieces are in excellent shape thank you
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#3 of 106 Museums in Oslo
This was one of my favourite museums in Oslo! Rich in history and architecture and during a sunny and warm day a lovely way to spend your time in Oslo!
Truely one of the marvelous place which has One of the world's oldest and largest open-air museums, with 155 traditional houses from all parts of Norway and a stave church from the year 1200.
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#4 of 106 Museums in Oslo
It is, as most of Oslo‘s museums - a gem, you can enjoy the art of Matisse, Monet, Munch, Leger, Picasso - and the best of it: The staff is extremely friendly, helpful and this even if there are crowds of groups w...
This is one of the smaller art museums I've been to, but it's wonderful with some really amazing works of art.
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#5 of 106 Museums in Oslo
The museum shows what it can, space allowing, of this history, the buildings and cannons are in very good nick, the grounds are just lovely, lush trees, lots of green, and the backdrop to it all is the beautiful O...
Excellent museum with important history
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#6 of 106 Museums in Oslo
More expensive than most museums in Oslo, but free with oslo pass.
This is a great museum with everything from new technology and discoveries, hands on experiments and history of technology, cars, industry, clocks, phones, medicine and more.
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#7 of 106 Museums in Oslo
The curation is excellent, the museum very well designed and, pardon the pun, easy to navigate, If you are in the area of the city where there are several museums relating to the sea, including on the Amundens pol...
Definitely worth a visit, particularly if you have the Oslo Pass and are visiting the museums nearby.
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#8 of 106 Museums in Oslo
I have seen a lot of war and memorial museums around the world and this ranks right up there for intrigue, interesting facts, and a lot of "who knew?!!" facts about those tough and stoic Norwegians in the resistance.
This is one of the most interesting museums we have explored especially if one is interested in World War 11 history.
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#9 of 106 Museums in Oslo
If you are big into seeing the sights and having your choice of museums to visit all for one cost, Oslo Pass is the way to go.
Use it to gain access to all the major museums.
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#10 of 106 Museums in Oslo
Great at any time of the year! a quite rescue from the city buzz :) take a picnic in summer or visit the Palm House or Natural Historical Museums!
There is a small cafe there, where you can rest your feet, having coffee and fresh pastries, you can walk around the gardens or even visit the museums.
#11 of 106 Museums in Oslo
Liked it and love history and unique Museums very small but had an Oslo card so went loads of places - I loved the views you can get above and a real sense of history and Norwegian pride.
Nearby museums and the other place definitely worth a visit too is the Nobel Peace Price (or is it the Nobel Piece Prize?) center.
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#12 of 106 Museums in Oslo
We were in Oslo for the day and we advised, after we visited the memorable Museum Island where the Viking, Kontike, and several other outstanding museums are located, to walk the City Hall and see the Gallery of p...
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#13 of 106 Museums in Oslo
I've visited many art museums around the world including these in London, Boston and NYC but this one really impressed me as well as in fact gave my brain a fresh breeze.
The architecture of the museums 2 buildings is distinguished and placed in the waterfront beautifully.
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#14 of 106 Museums in Oslo
Very impressive collection of Norwegian & German armaments from all eras, but particularly World War II... this is the ONE museum (of all the museums we visited in Oslo) that our son longs to go back to: higher pr...
Excellent museum with a good historical exhibition as well as showing the modern parts of Norwegian involvement in peace keeping missions around the world.
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#15 of 106 Museums in Oslo
One of the best museums in Oslo
The tour of the Ibsen's apartment (this is the very building and apartment where he and lis wife lived and died) was very interesting and informative, lead by a lively and knowledgable museum guide who could answe...
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#16 of 106 Museums in Oslo
22. Juli Sentret is a memorial / museum / information centre about the terrorist attacks on the Norwegian governments buildings and on Utøya.
Coming into this museum I will admit that I didn’t know a whole lot about what happened on the 22 July 2011, but I left with a wealth of knowledge and extremely moved by my visit here.
#17 of 106 Museums in Oslo
One thing nice about small museums is that they are easy and informative without tiring the brain cells.
as with many of these interesting museums in large cities throughout the world, it has permanent and contemporary exhibits.
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#18 of 106 Museums in Oslo
Emanuel Vigerland Museum are a mausoleum this is his ønly work in his hole life as a werry good and talanted paiter he is Gustav Wigerlands little brother and if you are in Oslo for sure they guide you to his big...
Emanuel Vigeland Museum One hidden gem in Oslo
#19 of 106 Museums in Oslo
It's s bit out of the way from central Oslo but there are plenty of other museums nearby.
This museum celebrates Norway as a maritime nation and there is a vast and diverse collection of boats, ships, boating paraphernalia, interesting exhibits, photos and paintings, as well as a multi-screen cinema pr...
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#20 of 106 Museums in Oslo
All museums and a lot of attractions are either cheaper or free with it, and given the price of the city every little helps.
Taken in conjunction with the other big Viking age attraction that Oslo has to offer, the Viking Ship Museum, the Historical Museum's exhibits on the Vikings really do flesh out these amazing people.
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#21 of 106 Museums in Oslo
This is a smaller museum (as are most Norwegian museums) but it's a cool little stop for a national Norwegian treasure.
One of the worlds best art museums!
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#22 of 106 Museums in Oslo
The museums have always an interesting exhibtion going on.
The museum is set in beautiful surroundings on the southwestern outskirts of Oslo.
#23 of 106 Museums in Oslo
One of the museums is under renovation so we only managed to visit another one.
We went to the Natural History Museum during our trip to Oslo and were pleasantly surprised by the exhibits, the museum was so immersive and well organised, it had a mixture of ancient artifacts like the dinosaurs...
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#24 of 106 Museums in Oslo
I visited this museum along with my partner, we really enjoyed it as it gave us a good insight into the history of Oslo and it's culture, definitely worth a visit and to make it even better it's FREE!
After the crowds at the Vigeland Sculpture Park, do what we did and take a break here at the Oslo City Museum which is right next door.
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#25 of 106 Museums in Oslo
Jewish history is so rich and fascinating and this museum does a good job of capturing the local Jewish history and illustrating the broader tradition.
This small museum offers an intimate portrait of Norwegian Jews during WW11.
#27 of 106 Museums in Oslo
In a city filled with world class museums, this is amongst the best.
(How often do you go to museums and fine some of the interactive displays are out of order?)
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#28 of 106 Museums in Oslo
To start - I love to visit weird and wonderful museums.
A museum With lots of surprises!
#29 of 106 Museums in Oslo
We enjoyed the museum and it's definitely worth a visit if you have the time.
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#30 of 106 Museums in Oslo
The museum is relatively on the smaller side comparing to some major other European art museums but it has a superb collection of Norwegian artists, some other celebrated big names but mostly the work of Edvard Mu...
A lively and provocative set of displays but this apparently will be the last set of exhibitions as the Museum prepares to move to a new home being built for the National Gallery.
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