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Dongsung Bowling Center Jinju
Haman Bowling Center Haman-gun
Yangsan Best Bowling Center Yangsan
Yangsan Giant Bowling Center Yangsan
Tongyong Bowling Tongyeong
Donga Bowling Sacheon
Jinwoo Bowling Alley Tongyeong
Park Bowling Center Gimhae
Jangyu Bowling Center Gimhae
Chungmu Bowling Center Tongyeong
Bokji Bowling Center Jinju
Shinsegye Bowling Alley Jinju
Gimhae Bowlingjang Gimhae
Paran Bowling Center Changwon
Daebang Bowling Town Changwon
Daea Bowlingjang Changwon
Shineo Bowlingjang Gimhae
Pyeonggeo Bowling Center Jinju
Hadong Bowling Alley Hadong-gun
Jipyeong Bowling Center Changwon
Saegi Bowling Center Changwon
Euiryung Bowling Center Uiryeong-gun
Eehyun Bowlingjang Jinju
Sancheong Bowlingjang Sancheong-gun
Green Bowling Alley Gimhae
Sancheong Bowling Alley Changwon
Booksam Bowling Alley Gimhae
Cheonghak Bowling Center Jinju
Ssanyong Bowling Center Sacheon
Sagang Jaeil Bowling Alley Sancheong-gun