Morocco Shrine Auditorium

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Morocco Shrine Auditorium
9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
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Very good

Shirley D
Jacksonville Beach, FL219 contributions
Feb 2020
Through the years I have heard of many events at the Morocco Shrine Temple on St. Johns Bluff, but seldom attended - once years ago with a friend there was a gun show and a coin show. Last year I took a 6 year old to the Reptile Show, which I think they have twice a year - she was extremely pleased. The auditorium seems appropriate for very many varied events!! This last year I took family through the Christmas Light Tour and it was great, staying in the comfort of your own vehicle and moseying along looking at caricatures all lit up in Christmas lights & decor. Last month I attended health fair - it was good - and they had adoption of dogs in a van outside - so as you can see, it would behoove you to stay in touch with the Morocco Activities.
Written 12 March 2020
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Susan F
Sun City Center, FL110 contributions
Oct 2018
I attended a craft show there and it was very nice. The layout was good and easy to get around. The people there were really nice.
Written 26 November 2018
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Jacksonville, FL2 contributions
Aug 2017 • Friends
The 2017 old school concert was SUPERB! Can't wait to go back to Morocco Shrine Grounds for the great LIVE music.Great Food and Drinks! Wonderful People!
Written 28 March 2018
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Gainesville, FL54 contributions
Aug 2017 • Solo
I'm used to going to a similar venue in ATL for outdoor events like Throwback I was pleased to have the experience I had. The audience may have been smaller, so that led to a smoother run event. It was odd for the parking attendant to give me a heads up about (lack of available) parking, but better than me not knowing and being frustrated. Check-in and security was easy...access to food as well as variety was one ever likes the cost of things (like a $3 water, but that's not new or special), but it is the way of events.....sound was mostly good (I think it was more a specific act or 2 that seemed off)...venue staff was friendly/helpful...and the audience was cordial and polite. I'd attend another event here...even in the Florida 90 degree heat...and (even a little) rain!
Written 15 August 2017
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Starke, FL23 contributions
Aug 2017 • Couples
My first time attending a event here at the Morocco Shrine's grounds. It was a nice experience from parking till end. The only negative thing I can say is the grass should've been cut.
Written 13 August 2017
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Florida89 contributions
Jul 2016 • Friends
I go to a lot of concerts, at least several a month in venues from Jacksonville to West Palm. I attended the Culture Club concert July 9, 2016....what a disorganized mess this was, leave this to the professionals please. First of all, a VIP ticket before additional fees of $108.98 for a 'front row' seat. The speakers blocked the view except for the bass player and occasionally when the lead singer came forward on the stage. Then when I'd get up to be able to see all the members, was told to return to my seat. This could have been remedied by them scooting the chairs backwards some five-six feet, at least partially. Generally when a venue has obstructed seats, the costs are greatly discounted. There were a lot of people who paid upwards of $500 per couple for a Meet n Greet and seats in the first few rows - they were shuffled in and out so quickly and not allowed to have anything signed...disappointed faces, to say the least. A $15 parking fee when none was mentioned, a line completely around the building in 103 degree heat factor temperatures, the tickets said the show would start at 6, but it didn't - the doors didn't even open at 6...the sound kept going off and Boy George was really pissed about it, not to mention that the temperature inside of the auditorium was over 85 degrees - everyone on stage was sweating bullets with their costumes and the lights. There were supposed to be three opening acts, but there were only two and no mention why the Who's Bad, Michael Jackson tribute did not play. I heard that some tickets were groupons and I wished mine were much cheaper, but that's ok, live and learn. Just saying, don't waste your money, unless you get a $15 groupon special. I didn't buy anything but I heard others complain - "Well for the cost of that, they could have at least given me the rest of the can of coke" The cokes were sitting on the table in the same 103 degree heat factor (only actually 96 degrees), and they gave small cups with ice. I think a bottled water was $3. Culture Club puts on a really great show, but I am sure if you asked them, they would also say like I am.....NEVER AGAIN!
Written 12 July 2016
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Arthur M
Jacksonville, FL44 contributions
Jul 2016 • Friends
This review is for the Culture Club concert which was held at the Morocco Shrine on July 9 and the promoter Deuterman Productions. This was suppose to be a lineup of 4 bands, with the headliner Culture Club. Right from the beginning, ticket purchasing was questionable. There were different sites to purchase tickets at a discount including Groupon and Eventbrite. However, the prices of tickets kept on fluctuating and even promoted an early bird specials (noting the best discount). After purchasing, even that early bird special price went cheaper and then cheaper again. Buying concert ticket prices shouldn't be like purchasing airline tickets (which of course change price hourly). I do feel if I pay more for tickets and the price drastically goes down, then the price I paid should bump up to the next category of discounted price. Prior to the night of the event, there was no mention of paid parking. I even contacted the venue for info and only received a taped message, even though their hours are listed 9-5. To most who arrived, they were not happy with the $15 parking fee. This price is higher than parking at the Jacksonville Arena and St Augustine Amphitheater. One wonders if this was an attempt to "offset" low ticket sales. I did see on Craigslist, a couple of days before the show, that the promoter was trying to get free food for crew/artists in exchange for a couple of free tickets. They needed free food for 60. I have never seen such a thing advertised and thought it kind of sketchy. Once we parked, we waited in a long line in the hot sun for a 6:00 door opening and the first band originally going on at 6:30. However, there process was horribly inadequate. It took my party 45 minutes to get inside the venue. Had the first band performed at 6:30, we would have missed some of the set. The long line behind us, would have missed most of the set. If you are inexperienced about door entry, it would be my advice to open the doors earlier,, so that you can process the crowd more effectively.. Once inside, the air conditioner was wonderful in the outer hall. Unfortunately, inside the venue was another story. It was extremely hot. Prices for drinks and food were outrageous. $3 for a bottled water. $4 for a slice of pizza. This would have been acceptable if you were inside a really nice venue. However, this venue consisted of either standing or hard folding chairs. The worst problem of the evening was the sound. During the first two acts, the volume of the artist's microphone was much to loud while the backing band with the exception of the loud bass was low. I actually said something to the lead sound man, who looked at me in surprise. He stated "that he has been in the back and hadn't noticed". I told him "maybe you should sit outside here and judge it for yourself" Later on during Culture Club's set, Boy George walked off the stage because the sound was inadequate. He stated they could not hear themselves singing. He asked the audience "does this happen often here?". I for one didn't know, because this was my first and last time to go to an event here. Lastly, one of the four bands, a Michael Jackson Tribute band, did not perform at all. There were no announcements made on why this occurred, even though we paid for it as part of the ticket price. There was no announcement made. Just longer intermissions between bands in an already hot venue. I'm not sure if many of the mistakes I described were the venue's fault or the promoter. However, someone needs to respond to this critique on where they went wrong.
Written 10 July 2016
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Fred R
Franklin, NC141 contributions
Apr 2015 • Solo
The auditorium is huge and it is a nice venue for many different shows that they have there, whether it is a computer show or other, it is worth checking out.
Written 13 June 2015
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Palm Coast, FL21 contributions
Aug 2014 • Solo
Yes, I will be protest! Bears and camels don't deserve a life of use and abuse. After all, they are living, breathing creatures just like us humans.
Written 21 August 2014
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Jacksonville, FL15 contributions
Aug 2013
I just saw the Morocca Shrine Circus at this location. There was plenty of parking and great seats. The circus was ok, could've been a bit better but overall well worth the money paid. It was also very easy to get out of the parking lot when. The event was done.
Written 26 August 2013
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