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The World's Best Airlines

“Thank You ANA” 05/25/2017

“Economy comfort on a dreamliner ” 05/24/2017

“Beware-Baggage charges not as printed on website!!” 05/26/2017

“Calm flight” 05/25/2017

“Aegean Airlines ” 05/27/2017

“a comfortable flight” 05/27/2017

“Never again” 05/27/2017

“Friendly Staff Make For A Great Trip” 05/27/2017

“Small is beautiful!” 05/17/2017

“Improved a lot but there is still an option.” 05/27/2017

“The worlds worst airline” 05/26/2017

“Nice flight” 05/21/2017

“Uncertain scheduled, Very limited checked bag” 05/20/2017

“No respect for the passenger.” 03/12/2017

“Time seems to mean nothing at Sosa.” 03/12/2017

“Bumped, lied to, missed a wedding, never reimbursed” 05/19/2017

“Nice flight” 05/15/2017

“No Complaints” 05/27/2017

“Excellent service” 05/24/2017

“Quite a queer airline” 08/31/2016

“Almost as badly organized as TAP” 08/16/2016

“Excelent” 08/04/2016

“Terrible” 05/25/2017

“Cabin crew smoking on board ” 05/21/2017

“TERRIBLE customer service.” 05/03/2017

“Safe airline” 03/31/2017

“poor” 05/24/2017

“Use it only if you must” 05/22/2017

“Efficient, friendly, punctual” 05/25/2017

“Wonderful surprise...KUL-ALA-KUL” 05/23/2017

“Average Service” 05/15/2017

“Delay / cancel and not home yet” 04/28/2017