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“Worst legroom ever!” 09/08/2017

“Short and sweet” 09/07/2017

“Superb service” 09/18/2017

“It is a shame they have stopped flights without even notifying its gold members...” 09/17/2017

“Not consistent ” 09/18/2017

“Aer Lingus v Ryanair ” 09/17/2017

“A solid alternative carrier that avoids the crush at Faro” 09/11/2017

“Quick flight route from Lisbon (Cascais) to Southern Portugal” 09/07/2017

“Long delay at departure, than problems in Moscow” 09/17/2017

“Good business class” 09/17/2017

“Be Aware!! --> Delayed Flights” 06/22/2017

“Modern fleet” 09/15/2017

“a standard fly” 09/09/2017

“Another bumpy ride in a small airplane” 08/28/2017

“small airplane, not so comfortable” 08/28/2017

“Thieves” 09/18/2017

“On time, no issues. Watch your bag weight.” 09/18/2017

“Always Good” 08/28/2017

“Good” 08/25/2017

“Mrs” 09/10/2017

“Almost as badly organized as TAP” 08/16/2016

“Room for improvement is needed ” 09/13/2017

“A long way to go...” 09/12/2017

“Flight cancelled, no refund” 08/17/2017

“TERRIBLE customer service.” 05/03/2017

“old planes ,small and bad seats , very good value for money” 09/11/2017

“Good for low-cost carrier” 09/11/2017

“Pathetic Experience with Air Asia” 09/15/2017

“Damaged Baggage / Rude Staff / Unresponsive customer service” 09/14/2017

“You get what you pay for” 09/18/2017

“5 Star Service” 09/17/2017

“Very good price and correct service” 09/03/2017

“Decent service but not great handling of anxious passengers” 08/31/2017

“Air cardboard” 09/18/2017

“OK budget airline” 09/18/2017